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Mar 8, 2010 02:53 PM

Orlando: Best new(ish) restaurants

This is kind of a specific request. We moved from Orlando 4 years ago to South Florida where we've been really enjoyed the dining, especially the great non-chain restaurants in the Design District and elsewhere. We are excited to be moving back to Orlando however, and to see how the dining scene has evolved in our absence.

I remember how helpful Bob always was on these boards (RIP), so I'm hoping that the community has stepped up to fill the void by his passing. I've perused other ratings-based boards and I'm surprised to see most of the usual suspects from 4 years ago. I'm sure that there must be some exciting new places.

What I'm hoping for is to hear about the top places that have opened in the past few years. I'm looking for non-chains (chains are fine sometimes but they have the marketing power to be discovered on their own) but not necessarily only fine dining. It seems that the Ravenous Pig and Four Rivers are hot places - what else is there?

I appreciate any help and look forward to adding an experienced voice to the Florida boards as we reacquaint ourselves with Orlando.

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  1. There are a lot of good restaurants in Winter Park. My best friend lives there, so I always leave it to him to choose a place when I visit. There is a fantastic Turkish restaurant there called Bosphorous you should check out.

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      bosphorus is ok, the bread is good and the hookahs are supremely overpriced :)

      try luma when in winter park, also Dexter's is good. Also try Pom Pom sandwich shop on Bumby, (or is it mills?), tis good.

      1. Check out Wa Japanese restuarant. a little hard to find but worth it. It's in the sandlake / turkey lake area

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