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Mar 8, 2010 02:07 PM

Three course meals suggestions

Its getting to be that time of year again, Mother's Day approaches and I am going to cook for my mom and the family again (6 to 8) people. And I'm turning to the good people of Chowhound for help.

I am not a great cook, but decent. I do not have great skills or fanastic technique. I would say that I'm pretty average in the kitchen. That being said, I do not mind stretching a bit.

I plan to do a three course meal; so I am soliciting recipes and/or menus. Alcohol is not a factor, meaning I cook with it frequently, I just never developed a taste for it, same deal with my Mom. There are no real dietary restrictions, we are Jewish but do not keep kosher. (Bacon is delicious). She is not a huge red meat fan but does like lamb; so if anybody knows something in that area I think it would go over well. Other than that go wild.

Thanks for your help, and if I use anything I get from here I write up a little note to tell you how it went.


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  1. Fresh garden salad with a sour cream/horse radish/ lemon dressing.
    Six or eight medium shrimp, peeled, deveigned, with tales on, arrange them with tails up in a circle, in shallow individual size baking dishes (that you can serve it in) baked in the oven with a bit of butter, white wine, some herbs and sprinkled with bread crumbs. Served with slices from a real nice loaf of fresh artisan bread, oven roasted red potatoes and steamed kale.
    Tapioca pudding topped with whipped cream and freshly ground nutmeg.
    Wine - gewurztraminer or pinot grigio

    1. Well I'll offer a suggestion for a lamb main course. These rosemary and garlic lamb chops are simple (no complicated techniques or wild ingredients) yet delicious. They were featured as part of a menu so that might give you ideas for other courses. Otherwise maybe tailor the other courses to mom's preferences. I always like potatoes of some sort with this lamb, especially given the garlic and rosemary, but that's just me.

      1. Well, since she likes lamb, a roasted boneless leg of lamb is about the easiest thing in the world. I crush up some garlic, add some salt and olive oil, rub it all over the lamb, and add a couple of sprigs of rosemary (or you can add some dried rosemary in with the garlic), and wrap it in plastic wrap for a few hours or over night. Then roast it (various time/temperature recs out there). Throw some quartered potatoes in with it 40 minutes before it comes out of the oven. To go with the spring theme, how about a minted pea salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert?

        1. If you choose to do lamb, a traditional Spring food, (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere) continue the seasonal idea by accompanying it with asparagus and a rhubarb dessert. Steamed asparagus marinated in a lemon juice "vinaigrette", served at room, temp or a little chilled, is a treat. There are zillions of rhubarb recipes on this board and at

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            What a wonderful combination! This sounds like spring to me. If for some reason she doesn't like rhubarb (hard for me to understand but . . . ) do something with strawberries instead, like strawberry shortcakes.

          2. Thanks for the ideas folks.

            Last mothers Day I went with sweet (caster sugar) and sour (balsamic vinegar) lamb chops, Roasted asparagus and rice wirth minced onion boiled in vegetable stock. And for desert I made a chocolated custardy/ mousse thing. That was a hit I swear. It really is quite good and very simple.

            I have to say thanks to the person that suggeasted rhubarb. I love that and I didn't even consider thanks.

            Also the epicurious stuff looks interesting as well so thank you too.