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Mar 8, 2010 02:03 PM

Birthday dinner in Ft. Worth? Help me pick a place?

Staying downtown Ft. Worth at the lovely Renaissance for my Birthday... so, I need to know...

Where would you want to spend your 30th Birthday dinner? Somewhere near the hotel. We're both very open on cuisine and looking for for the bill to be under $200 (with tip and cocktails) for 2. A couple of breakfast lunch suggestions also welcomed! There for 2 nights. Is Lonesome Dove a good one, I've heard about it from some Chicago friends and booked a table for one of the nights... ?

I am completely unfamiliar w/ Ft. Worth. I've been in the towns surrounding, but never downtown. A lot of the focus seems to be on Dallas, but I could be wrong, so I apologize for not knowing where to start in Ft. Worth.

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    1. I like a lot of the suggestions in the thread CocoaNut linked to ... if it were my 30th birthday, however, you would find me in Dallas. Probably at Cadot. Toasting the advent of time travel ;)

      1. Haven't been to Lonesome Dove, but it is definitely on my short list, along with Bonnell's, of places I want to try for Texas cuisine. We really enjoyed Lanny's for dinner, and the Cafe Modern at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is great for lunch or Sunday brunch. Love Shack is Tim Love's burger place in the Stockyard's -- great for a casual lunch, sometimes has live music, outdoors only, should be nice this time of year.

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          There's also a Love Shack on 7th, which would be closer ... but you may well want to go to the Stockyards. The one on 7th has some indoor seating.

        2. Oh! Great other link! Thank you! Ooooh Lanny's, I had forgotten that I had heard about Lanny's, thanks so much for the reminder strong95!

          1. For lunch or Sunday brunch, go to the Cafe at the Modern Art museum. Excellent food with a pretty view, too.

            I personally love Reata on Houston St. Even if you don't eat there, go get a Clear Fork Cherry Limeade cocktail. Wow.