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Mar 8, 2010 01:57 PM

Hua Wei Heng Mountain Walnut

My friend bought a package of roasted walnuts from China, packaged by a company called Hua Wei Heng and I can't find them in the LA/SGV area. I've checked out 2 99 Ranch Markets, Wing Hop Fung and Shun Fat in Monterey Park. Has anyone heard of this product or have any suggestions of other stores I can check out?


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  1. They are probably shan hetao (山核桃); literally mountain walnut, but usually translated to English as "hickory" - not sure if it's the same as US hickory nuts. Delicious, and one of my favorite Chinese snacks. They are available somewhere, but only the ones that are still partially in the shell.. even though the shells are partially cracked, this makes them a lot more of a pain to eat. I haven't found shelled ones in the SGV yet, but if you find any, let me know -- I've looked in a lot of the snack stores as well as most of the supermarkets. I try to load up when I go to China or when someone sends me something else from there.

    If you don't like the unshelled ones, you could also try ordering some of Taobao via a proxy like Taobao Focus or Taobao Now; there's a fair amount of overhead from the fees involved + the shipping, but of course the nuts, while still fairly expensive in China, are cheaper there than here.

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      Thanks, Will. I don't mind eating the ones in the shells because it slows me down and keeps me from plowing through the whole bag at once. Thanks for the suggestion of a proxy. My other idea was to bribe friends in China to ship them over to me and I'll pay them back via PayPal. If I see them in SGV, I'll let you know. For now, I'll have to rely on friends.

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        The ones in shells are available locally -- if you haven't found those either, let me know, and I'll try to get you more details. I know some of the SGV markets and / or snack stores have them -- 168 Market would be one place to check. The shells are round, partially cracked already, and I think maybe the diameter of a quarter or a little smaller.

        I know one of the locally based proxy services won't sell them, but I think the ones based in China probably would.

        168 Market
        1421 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA