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Mar 8, 2010 01:53 PM

Peasant or Falai?

It's my boyfriend's 25th birthday and I have reservations at both Peasant and Falai. I'm really on the fence here - we've never been to either of the two. I know that Peasant is rustic and cozy while Falai is more modern and experimental. I just want to have a special evening. Guidance here is much appreciated!

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  1. Funny, it's my GF's birthday thursday and we were thinking of Falai. We are, along with many of my friends, HUGE peasant fans. I lived a block from it for 7 years until a week ago. Food wise you can't go wrong. , it is rustic but it's not it's a bit too big to call it cozy, especially downstairs which is a good place for raucous time. Keep in mind the food menu is an abridged version of upstairs. You can't go wrong with the octopus, steak, whatever gnocchi they have, black kale, or pork. Wish I could speak on falai, I have been to their little cafe for breakfast which was quite good. But I dont think that's enough experience to give advice. Peasant won't fail, that's for sure.

    1. Peasant is definitely too big to be called cozy. Apparently they've added additional lighting so it's no longer as romantic as it used to be. It's still a cool space with mirrors, a semi-open kitchen where you can see the wood-burning fire, lots of brick, cool lighting. The food is quite good for the price. We had speck-wrapped mozzarella balls, sausage and lentils (my favorite), spicy octopus, gnocchi with mushrooms (really good), suckling pig, a side of polenta, and the bread pudding. I think it was $110-120 for food for all three of us, no wine/drinks. Pretty delicious for the price. We had excellent service, with a waiter who did a great job helping us figure out what to order. Oh, and their menu now has English translations of all the dishes (used to be in all Italian).

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          Did Falai for the GF's birthday last night. It was very good and couldn't be more different from Peasant. If given the choice again I'd go to Peasant as it's more my kind of place. We had the reasonably priced $50 tasting menu and shared each dish. Haute cuisine is always hard to remember what was what, but it was a good experience. But I like big meals and that's what Peasant does so well.

      1. Peasant.

        Only because we've been there multiple times and have always liked the rustic northern Italian dishes there.