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Mar 8, 2010 01:52 PM

2.75 qt LC FO vs. high-quality saucepan

So I bought a 2.75 qt LC round french oven this morning, on sale for $55. I am trying to figure out what I can cook in it. Does it have any advantages over a similar sized saucepan (like a Demeyere that is oven-proof)? I am just thinking that a saucepan is more versatile in this size.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, E_M, To me a SS sauce pan is better to warm things up relatively quickly while LC DO is better for simmering longer time. So, no comparison to me as they are for different purposes. However, a quality SS sauce pan indeed handles the same type jobs in terms of soup and stew etc. I still prefer my LC for stew, though:)

    I am not sure about your comparison between a sauce pan and LC for IN-oven use. To me a 2.75 qt - 3 qt SS sauce pan is for a stove top not for in-oven. If it is a SAUTE pan or a chef's pan, not a sauce pan, I understand your comparison. Anyway, I have no demeyer, so I might be wrong:)

    1. And you're not going to share with us where you found your sale item? :-)

      1. One of the main difference between a round french oven and a saucepan is the handle. The french oven has two small handles which requires both hands to lift, pour, etc. whereas a saucepan has a single long handle (may also have a small handle on the opposite side for heavy lifting) which requires only one hand to lift, freeing the other hand to scoop, ladle, scrap, etc. For me, this difference alone makes the saucepan more versatile. Both have certain uses though I find the 2.75qt round french oven too small for most braising. The 4.5qt round is what I use most often to cook for two with a little leftover.

        1. I think I will return my purchase. :( I just can't figure out what I can make in such a small container that needs to cook for hours.

          Blondelle, I bought it at a generic kitchen store near my house. I was told LC is discontinuing that size, and when I checked online, I found other places that were also offering the FO for half off. Of course, several were still selling it at full price, but whatever!

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            EM, i think it is a good decision. I have 2 qt for small side and grains and 3.5 qt for soup and stews. Also bigger one for pot roast etc. We are two people. 2.75 is too small for some jobs and too big for other jobs. Maybe other people feel the same way, too, and that is why the size is now so cheap as DO. If you have not cooked with DO much yet, I recommend to go through the book, "All About Braising" by Molley Stevens. Her first chapter explains DO a lot and her recipes are excellent. That way when you buy next time, you will be sure about the size and what to cook at the same time:)

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              I have ordered the book. :)

              I was on the fence about the product, and when I bought it, ensured that they had a return policy.

              1. re: E_M

                EM, you will like the book. Mine is 2 years old and start falling apart already as I cook her recipe so often, almost every weekend from October to March. And, you start to feel like buying one LC fitting her recipes to another. Be careful but enjoy :)