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Mar 8, 2010 01:42 PM

Taco Trucks/Caterer Santa Barbara

Any one have a good rec for a taco caterer in Santa Barbara? We are renting a house for the weekend and want to have someone prepare something for about 30 people. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Gordo,

    Did you find a taco caterer?

    We're looking for the same thing.

    Anyone else have any recs?


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    1. re: Wolfgang

      El Zarape does catering in SB and I will try and track down another one used by the Mexican consulate which is located in Oxnard but the catering was for an event in Santa Barbara and I believe the provider was also located in SB - give the consulate a call because it was really good. Small office and they should be happy to help you. Ask for the head guy and tell him why. He is a very amiable sort and likes to showcase Mexican culture in this area.

      1. re: glbtrtr

        Thanks GLB, I'll give it a whirl.