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Mar 8, 2010 01:37 PM

What's for dinner XXIII?

Since we're past the 200 mark again, its time to start a new thread.

Since my family ate so well this last week, it's left-overs for us tonight. But I'm looking for all your best ideas for coming meals.

So - Chow Hounds, what's cooking tonight?

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  1. We're having homemade split pea soup,tuna sandwiches and brownies for dessert.

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    1. re: WINDELLA

      I would love your recipe for the soup. I have not had that in years. My mother used to make that occasionally, but I never got her recipe and she has passed. Sounds like a wonderful tummy warmer!

    2. Thanks to reading HC tonight, I am having RL's no-stir polenta with roasted cauliflower.
      Have 4 scallops and one small chicken breast to use up too, so those will get sauteed and served on top of the polenta. Stirred some last of Summer tomato sauce into the polenta at the last minute.
      Looking forward to it on this funny, cold, almost wet night.

      1. Last night was a turkey burger and spanakopita with lumpia topping. I had a surfeit of spinach and a frozen bag of lumpia wrappers so it seemed like an easy way to clean out the freezer. My feta was American, so I used soy sauce to add some salt and umami.

        1. Last night was barley risotto with roasted butternut squash, broad beans and porcini mushrooms. Tonight I am making an Ottolenghi recipe featured on The Guardian newspaper this week: aubergine and tomato cheesecake. I'll serve that with some grilled asparagus and salad leaves.

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          1. re: Paula76

            Please let us know how the cheesecake went, Paula. I saw the recipe and just didnt fancy the sound of it - but then I'm not big on aubergines - nor cream cheese for that matter :-)

            1. re: Harters

              Hi John, sorry about the delay...the cheesecake was stunning, albeit a tad smaller and flatter than I'd expected (maybe next time, I'll whip the egg whites separately and fold them into the mix) I added sundried tomatoes instead of regular ones and the roasted aubergines gave it a lovely, earthy flavour. Maybe you could try it with roasted peppers instead or another mediterranean-type veg...definetely worth a go.

          2. Not too hungry tonight; I thawed a container of ham & smoked sausage gumbo I made a couple of months ago...had that with saltines and an apple....