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Mar 8, 2010 01:16 PM

Momiji Restaurant in Rhinebeck (?)

A new Japanese restaurant recently opened where the former Japanese restaurant was and across the alleyway from the former Leonardo's Italian Market.. They are marketing themselves as a "sushi steak house and bar." Have any foodies been there yet?

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  1. I hadn't noticed that. Is it affiliated with the Momiji Sushi in High Falls?

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    1. re: jaylowe

      Same owner as in High Falls. THOUGH his new Rhinebeck location is far and above better.
      A favorite of mine to recommend is the Tuna Dumplings. A masterwork of art and flavor.
      VERY friendly staff and David the owner is often there to greet guests.
      You won't find better sushi in Dutchess County.

      High Falls Cafe
      134 Commercial St, Theresa, NY 13691

      1. re: Sam Bucca

        The Stone Ridge location of Momiji is, in my opinion, an order of magnitude better then any other Japanese in Ulster County. I'd be very excited if Rhinebeck is even better.

    2. Momiji has excellent food! The service is great, and the owner is a really nice guy, putting out fantastic food. He used to co-own Momiji in Stone Ridge. He left that place to start his own in Rhinebeck, and I think it is superior in every way. I hope people come in droves so it flourishes as it should.
      The sushi is extremely fresh, and the habachi is as tasty as it gets, and fun. The chef puts on a real show.

      1. Just ate here. The hibachi shrimp & steak were very good. Staff lovely. Place very nicely appointed, very comfy seats. Prices a bit high for dinner; lunch a bargain, inc bento box or hibachi specials.