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Mar 8, 2010 12:26 PM

Executive Chef Mark Militello was ousted at the Office

The Office in Delray Beach Names New Chefs
Broward New Times
By John Linn in Restaurant News ​After Executive Chef Mark Militello was ousted at The Office, two new chefs have stepped in to take his place. ...

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  1. i heard he was totally fired. i wonder what happened!

    1. Isn't this old news? I recall reading about this a few weeks, or maybe even a month or so, ago. And, I'm a visitor who's just checking out places to eat while we're escaping the cold northeast!

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      1. I had a pretty poor food experience there on Tuesday for lunch...

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            Talk about ridiculous service.
            Our waiter was just foolish. And when you are waiting 20 minutes for a mixed drink at the bar it is not necessary to come over and explain they are hand crafted...I mean really I saw you walk over to your other tables and take all of there orders before ringing in ours.
            Also he must have stolen our table from another servers section because other people kept coming over to ask us if we had been helped yet, very weird.
            Also when we order a few apps to share, I asked if he could just bring them out as they came, instead of filling the table with food all at once, he said "Oh NO our kitchen makes everything always come up at the same time, that would just be impossible. Why not just ring in items individually and hit send, or ask the kitchen to fire them immediately, they weren't even busy.
            The food was utterly under seasoned, everything needed salt.
            The beer menu needs improvement, very run of the mill.

            1. re: Asumnuthin

              Hand Crafted???? Too funny - but not of course for you - what a loony!

              1. re: Linda VH

                And he kept saying it!!!
                When he delivered it, even after 2 minutes/2 bites
                How are you enjoying your hand crafted cocktail, sorry you are still waiting for your hand crafted cocktail…

                Like normally when you order a mixed drink they go out back and fill up with the hose.

                It wasn’t even that good…


          Renowned chef Mark Militello recently got the pink slip at The Office, barely two months after the Delray Beach gastropub opened to great fanfare.

          Sources say there might have been a slight clash of egos between the celebrated chef and his high-profile boss, restaurant owner David Manero.

          Manero isn't talking much. In a written statement, he said: "Mark Militello was released of his duties by David Manero Restaurants. We wish him well in his future endeavors."

          1. Arrived at 7:30. I was told 50 minutes wait time..not so bad. Did not get seated until 9pm. Had I known it was going to be an hour and half I would have left. I'm thinking it's their way to keep you hanging around. "just a few more tables" he uttered over a 45 minute time period. Ok. Once seated 5-10 minutes went by when a server came by and said "has anyone stopped by to serve you?" No actually. So, finally our server had arrived. We ordered the CEO burger and the sweet potato skins. We actually order two SP skins and the waiter rung them right up. One order is more than enough for four people. Would have been nice if the waiter could have did a down sale on that one. very good beer selection. Over the food was OK. The burger was good, but was not out of the park delicious. Overall I give a "eh"They better get their act together fast. Reservation system would be a great idea.