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Kavkaz Kebab, Freehold NJ

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Saw this along Rt 9 Northbound (Near junction to Rt 33 & 79). Anyone tried this place?

3577 Route 9 North
Freehold, NJ 07728
(732) 414-2180

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  1. Nope. But, the chef's bio look's interesting for a kebab restaurant.

    1. I've been waiting for a post on this place. I picked up a menu last month when they opened, but haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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        there 2 reviews on a different site (y*lp). One trashed it and sounded like he was picking a fight with the chef/owner. The other say it is a welcome addition to the area. Do I don't know what to make of it. The price isn't very cheap at this place so i am waiting for someone to take one for the team :)

      2. My wife and I have eaten there twice and the food was delicious. We had the hummus appetizer, a very nice salad, beets and the cornish hen. The food was very fresh and well spiced. The cook was serving also and he said that he had a restaurant with the same name in Brooklyn, till he moved here. The cuisine come from the Kavkaz region of one of the former USSR republics and shows some middle eastern roots.

        1. DW and I ate at Kavkaz Kebab on April 10 (Sunday). I had the Cornish Hen entree and DW had a Chicken Kebab dish. We tried a bit of each other's also. We liked both. We also ordered a yogurt dip appetizer to go with the (no charge) bread and enjoyed both. Mid-meal we asked for more bread which was brought out nice and hot.

          We got there around 3 PM, and service was a bit slow with only one person out on the floor running around trying to service four tables. Couple more people showed up at 4 PM and for the next 15 minutes or so and we saw more frequent visits to tables by servers so I am guessing that we got there between shifts.

          Overall the experience was good. I will go back if I am in the area (its a 25 miles drive from where I live).

          1. We have eaten here at least a dozen times. I like it and if my husband had his way, he would eat there every night. We have tried almost everything on the menu. Our favorites are the cornish hen, lamb kebab, and caspian salad. The service is a bit erratic but the food and price compensates for this. Desserts are not wonderful, but usually, we are too full. Its BYOB and they have deivery and takeout, which we have also used. Highly recommend if you like well seasoned food.

            1. We finally managed to get here! I must say, I am glad we did! We ordered an array of different things, and all we wer impressed with.

              I really like the bread with scallion butter to start. It is the same kind of bread like Shirin has, only they give it to you for free.

              We ordered, the Caspian Calamari, Yogurt with cucumber and dill, the Kavkaz beet salad, and then we spilt an order of the lamb kebabs. The calamari was ok, just like everywhere else, fried, and came with some cold tomato sauce. I like it with a lot of lemon only so it was ok. The yogurt sauce was good, I eat that all the time at home, so nothing extraordinary. We really like the beet salad. A lot of beet, fresh herbs, and beans. That was very good.

              The lamb kebob was so tender and juicy! We both raved about that. The rice was not clumpy and it was cooked perfectly! I liked the grilled pepper and the grilled tomato also on the plate. The pickeled cabbage was also de-lish! That whole plate was great from one bit to the next, and at $ 14.95, you can't go wrong! I especially liked the dipping sauce it came with. Not the tomato-y one, but the other one, again similar to Shirin. It was great!

              We will definately be going back here in the near future. It is really nice inside, too. On the small side, but I don't care, I thought the food was fabulous! The price is right as well and it is BYOB.

              No dessert in the place, as Carvel is next door and I have not been to a Carvel in years!! (I had to get that ice cream with the crunchies in it!!!)

              Kavkaz is great, and I can't wait to go back!

              Kavkaz Kebab
              3577 rt 9 north, Freehold, NJ 07728

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                No dessert? There are some nice-sounding desserts on the menu online...

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                  I know sadiefox, but I really wanted that ice cream from Carvel..the kind that is in the birthday cake! :) I am SUCH a little kid.

                  The desserts do sound good, but I probably should have stopped after dinner it was so good!

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                    Ohhh, sorry, I thought you meant you went to Carvel because they didn't HAVE dessert there, not just because you wanted it :)

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                      ooopss! Sorry for the confusion! :)

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                  This is a nice place. I had takeout -- chicken Kebob. The Chicken was nicely seasoned, and cooked to my linking (as in, cooked through but not dry).
                  For those expecting more Lebanese or Syrian flavours, this is not your kind of place.
                  One thing I noticed was a sign on the wall:
                  "Everyone who enters this place makes us happy. Some when they arrive. Some when they leave." That's quite funny, though, may not provide the atmosphere I would be looking for in some dining scenarios.
                  The food is worth trying though!

                  Kavkaz Kebab
                  3577 rt 9 north, Freehold, NJ 07728

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                    They opened another one.. same name. It's in East Brunswick, same shopping center/strip mall as Goodwill and Makkoli.. next to the Korean restaurant.

                    Also saw yet another Kebab place (different name) open, which took the place of the Thai restaurant next to Aangan Indian on Rt. 9 North in Freehold.

                    9 North
                    37 Berdan Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470

                    Aangan Restaurant
                    , Englishtown, NJ 07726

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                      I've eaten at the EB location a couple of times. Short... Great food, high prices, mixed service options. My first visit, was a group of 5 or 6 men, during their 'soft open'. Arrived after 8pm, one or two other tables of people. One of the folks in our group is Russian. We let him lead the ordering, speaking to the owner/manager/waiter/cook in Russian and checking with us. We ordered some apps, they brought them out, as well as some complementary items. After 30-45 minutes, we were told they were out of a few items, substitute items were picked and 30 minutes later dinner arrived. All the food was delicious. For a restaurant that was not yet fully open, I can excuse the LONG wait. It was nice that they bought food out almost constantly while we waited. We were having a great time, and the length of the meal is something we still joke about, but we've been back.

                      Second trip was another group of 5 or 6 guys. It was a Sat night, and there was a party going on. We were seated immediately, and began discussing options for the meal. Our Russian friend again ordered for us. The salads and apps were picked, and for the meal they put together a family style platter, so we could all try different items. Sounded good at the time, but perhaps we should have listened to one of the guys who suggested that they simply make individual mixed plates. It was dark and loud, and tough for all of us to pick out different items from the platter.

                      Finally, I've been craving a gyro, and decided to stop by to get one to go for lunch on Friday. One table was filled (office party), and I went towards the back. I ordered a gyro platter (with sides) from the manager (non-waiter). He punched it into the computer, asked if I wanted to pay, and then spent 5-10 minutes trying to get the drawer to open, questioning the waiter if he touched anything, and cursing under his breath. He gave up, and gave me change from his wallet. I sat a few more minutes before the food came out. I kept wondering if putting the order in first would have saved those 5-10 min? When I sat to eat, it was just the gyro, no sides. I was super bummed, as I sipped coke zero from a coffee cup (free soda with lunch order, no to-go soda cups). Looking back on the menu, I see I was charged for just the gyro. I'll be more specific next time. Yes, I will go back.

                      The Freehold location is closer to us, I have not tried it yet, but was thinking of bringing DW one night.

                      1. re: BigBlue120

                        I won't be going back there. There are several reasons for this
                        1) I had a lunch special. It was supposed to be lamb shwarma with tahini and vegetables. While it did have lamb, it was basically lamb kebab and that was 'ok'. However they stuffed it with rice. Not to my liking.
                        2) About an hour after I ate that, I got ill. The next day I had sore throat.
                        3) The counter clerk waited a good 10 minutes to actually take my order.
                        Try it if you must. However as I have previously posted, if you are expecting kebab syrian/lebanese style, this isn't it.

                        Kavkaz Kebab
                        3577 rt 9 north, Freehold, NJ 07728

                3. Finally got to try KavKaz on Saturday. It was a beautiful night so we ate outside on their patio. Started with the sliced tongue appetizer and it was delicious, smothered in butter, onions and dill. Also had the chicken varenki which were very good. Then 2 of us ordered the lamb kebab platter, while the others ordered the cornish hen and fish of the day (branzini). All delicious, the cornish hen in particular. The whole fish was served with an intriguing lemony sauce on the side. Lamb kebabs came with a very sweet red sauce for dipping. The fresh hot bread was delicious as well, and I really enjoyed the rice and cabbage salad that came with the platters.

                  We'll definitely be back.