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Mar 8, 2010 12:13 PM

bourassa or IGA or Metro near Mont Tremblant

We will be in Tremblant next weekend for a week of skiing. I am trying to do all our marketing efficiently on the way up, because we will have our small son in tow. I read wonderful things about Bourassa (I could live on cheese and croissants), but I do need the basics for breakfast and dinner. Which market would be best, and in what order? We are driving from the US, so I can bring some basics like plastic wrap and tin foil, but nothing perishable since it is an 8 hour drive. I am hoping to stock up for 3 or 4 dinners and all the breakfast and lunch options...

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  1. We were in Mont-Tremblant last week and went to shop at the Metro in St-Jovite. They had a special on oysters, nice pat├ęs, everything you need for breakfast and lunch and it was open till 10pm. We also wanted to go to Rachelle-Bery, more like Whole Foods, nearby in St-Jovite but it was closed after 6pm. It's a good shop for organic produce and soya milk and stuff. We also stopped at Le Petit Poucet in Val-David and after a hearty lunch bought some cretons and smoked ham to take home. We had bought a tourtiere from the same restaurant in the Metro shop, actually, and had that for lunch one day.

    Based on recommendations from this board we stopped at Le P'tit Stop, 100% Boeuf (I think it's called) for poutine and burgers. I had a very nice rabbit burger, a first for me. It's on highway 117 on your left going north just before the exit for St-Jovite.