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Mar 8, 2010 11:53 AM

Saturday breakfast on King btwn Bathurst and Spadina

Meeting with a friend soon and would like to know where we should go. Doesn't need to be fancy, but I want good. Any ideas?

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  1. That's a pretty specific location! My choice would be Brassaii. They were closed for renovations, but have just reopened. I haven't been there since the reopening.

    1. Thanks TorontoJo - if that helps (which I think it will), somewhere near there will work too. I just don't want a reco at the other end of the city, as my friend has an appointment in that area after we meet.

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        Hmm... then if you don't mind a quick cab or bus ride, my choice on that end of town would be Aunties and Uncles, near College and Lippincott. Funky, eclectic space, but really good food. It does get busy as the morning wears on, though. So your best bet is to get there before 9:30 if you can.

        Brassaii is still a perfectly respectable option. They don't open until 10, I believe, but they do take reservations, which might be better for you in this case. It's a bit pricier than Aunties and Uncles, though not by a lot. The atmosphere is definitely more upscale, but the service is generally surlier at Brassaii, though I've always chalked it up to the servers being hung over and grumpy at having to work that early. :)

      2. Zoe's Bakery Cafe has excellent gourmet sandwiches... they do breakfast on Saturdays as well. I love it there, the breakfast sandwich and frittata are amazing. Zoe's is at Brant & King.

        Brassaii is really good too. I prefer going there in the summer to sit on their patio.

        Sadie's at Adelaide & Portland also has a great vegetarian breakfast.

        Personally, I wouldn't bother with Aunties & Uncles... it's true that it's very good but I don't like lining up for breakfast. I walked by last weekend and there was a good 15 people in line.

        1. stix and stones at king and spadina is very often not busy but great value with some great hits, we always seem to forget about it until a raptor afternoon game or a blue jay game...good quick fast service, better than waiting at cora's

          1. fusaro's kitchen on spadina between king and queen is good. they have a modified eggs benedict with rosti on the bottom and tomato sauce on top that's really good...not sure how the quality has held up since last i went though.