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Mar 8, 2010 10:32 AM

Tucson on Sunday night?.

We'll be in Tucson this coming weekend (March 20-21), and none of our old favorites are open on Sunday night (always a tough night). Any recommendations for your Sunday-night favorites? We'll be staying near the U of A, but don't mind driving elsewhere.

Thanks in advance,
Pete Tillman

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    1. Sullivan's does a great happy hour on Sundays, from open (I think 4pm) until close (usually around midnight or 1, depending on the crowd). The bar menu and specialty martinis are all $5 (normal prices $8-$12). Also usually a red and white wine b.t.g. for $5. The sliced tavern steak with mushrooms and spinach is good. For drinks, try the strawberry blonde or the knockout. And they have live jazz too. Nice patio with fireplace and misters. Its on River and Campbell, about 5 miles north of UofA.

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        bdow - thanks for this info! I love Sullivan's, but it's usually hard to get out of there for under $100/person, so this is great news.

      2. If your near the UA go down to University (between park and euclid) and go to No Anchovies. Its a great pizza by the slice place with a decent beer selection. Very reasonably priced, 4 gourmet slices and two drinks will set you back about 15-16 bucks. I always grab a slice of Buffalo and whatever else looks good.

        Miss Saigon on Campbell and Speedway is good cheap Vietnamese and is open till 9:30 pm every day. Which is nice since most places in town close early.

        Mama Louisas on 29th and Craycroft is a Tucson favorite, been around since the 1950's. Reasonably priced, homestyle Italian. My favorite thing to order is the Pork Parmesan with a side of Joes Special. Joes Special is their signature dish, fresh spaghetti (made in house) peppers, lots of cheese, garlic and red sauce. Its spicy but very good.

        I think those would be my top three for dinner on a Sunday in this town.

        1. I'd suggest Jax Kitchen on Oracle. Quite popular!

          1. Zinburger is good upscale/casual.