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Mar 8, 2010 10:16 AM

Manhattan with Rye Whiskey

Hello all-

Many bars in the metroplex seem not to be stocked with rye whiskey. How perplexing!

For those who hold the belief that a Manhattan is properly made with rye... where do you go?


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  1. Victor Tango's and the Windmill Lounge both stock Rye and both care about the quality of their cocktails. Although VTs gets really crowded and "scene-y" on the weekends, probably better to go during the week and maybe get some food. Both can also make a sazerac. And FWIW Oasis Liquors on Spring Valley sells a variety of rye whiskies.

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      +1 on VT's. Also consider The Usual in Fort Worth, they are another place that doesn't compromise cocktail quality. They focus on Prohibition-era drinks.

    2. Park on Henderson has Rye and is also cocktail conscious.