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Mar 8, 2010 10:16 AM

in search of a round table!!!

hi all!
i have looked through some old posts in search of a round table for 7 or 8. i know that some places ( like la fonda del sol) have round tables for larger groups but we are looking to keep the prices lower than la fonda. as for food, the only real restriction is that we have a vegetarian in the group to consider. i was throwing around the idea of Korean BBQ (would forgo round table) but as a big meat eater I have never really paid much attention to veggie options. any thoughts?
also, a place that isn't super loud would be ideal. please let me know if i have left anything out! thanks in advance.

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  1. Turks & Frogs in Tribeca
    Tallarucci in Flatiron
    1 Nocello in Midtown West

    1. Los Feliz has some round tables. Fun atmosphere, strong drinks and good food...just hope you have a tolerance for spotty service.

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      1. Henry's at 105th & Bway. Round tables and noise level that comfortably accommodate our book club conversations. Reasonably priced menu wide enough to appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Hope you find just the right fit!

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          Too bad the food is so pedestrian/mediocre.

        2. I had a celebratory dinner seated at a round table at Crispo on 14th Street. I think we were a party of nine. Everyone was very happy with their meal and the atmosphere.

          1. The Redeye Grill has some big round tables.