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Best Cakes - Plano

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Who in the Plano area make the best cakes? I don't care too much about appearance - taste is way more important. I'm looking for a rich, moist chocolate cake.

(West side of Plano preferred, and anything reasonably close up & down the Tollway in Frisco/Dallas is fine)

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  1. I haven't tried the cakes, but Willie Mae's has long been a prized source
    for wedding cakes.

    NW corner of Custer and Park.
    2141 West Park Boulevard Plano, TX 75075-2949 - (972) 424-6716

    1. Love the cupcakes at J Dorian's... He also does cakes so I'm sure they are just as yummy!!! They are so incredibly moist and blow Sprinkles away!

      J Dorian Chocolatier
      5312 Belt Line Road
      Dallas, TX 75254-7606
      (972) 392-9499

      1. I second the Willie mae's rec. Got my son's birthday cake there, and it was awesome. Have had good luck at Central Market, too.

        1. Elizabeth's cakes does a good job. http://www.elizabethscakesplano.com/i.... They are by the super target on Park & NDT. Willie Mae's has been in Plano for years, but I have found the very ... hit and miss. Taste wise the Green Kitchen on Parker & Independence is good http://www.decidio.com/local-business.... They do one of a kind custom work and have the taste to back it up.

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            I agree with the hit or miss part of Willie Mae's. I have never tried Elizabeth's Cakes. I do know of a lady that is trying real hard to get a store front for cakes right now. She's made many of our friend's cakes and just made our daughter's last bday cake. It was so so moist and scrumptious.... very gourmet... not your regular run of the mill grocery store or the like kind of cake. You should try her out. google Leslie's Cakes and you should find a website for her cakes in plano/allen.

          2. Had an awesome cream cake from Natalie's Bakery for my parent's 50th Anniversary. Website is still up but Google Maps says its closed. Not sure...http://www.natalie-bakery.com

            Have you tried Central Market?

            1. Thanks for the recs. We ordered from Elizabeth's cakes and were pleased with the taste. (Next time I'd order without the "decoration" because they charged $15 for it and I didn't think it was that beautifully done - cute but not worth the extra cost.)

              We also tried Natalie's cake as they sell samples in their store. They were super nice, but their cake was not my thing. It was small layers of actual cake filled with what they probably would call icing or mousse, but it tasted more like fluff to me. Not good IMO. I do appreciate the rec though! ;)

              If there are other good bakeries in Plano or nearby, please continue to add recs, because we're always looking for someone who can fix great petit fours, eclairs, fried pies, etc.

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                It's no where close to west Plano or along the Dallas North Tollway, but Casa Linda Bakery is the place that we consistently order our cakes, much better than Dallas Affaires, which is much closer to home. CLB does not necessarily offer the prettiest cakes, but they do offer excellent, fresh flavors at reasonable prices. Also, CLB's Clown Cookies are exceptional - lots of icing! ... CLB is worth the trip to Garland Road (between Easton and Jupiter) - see www.CasaLindaBakeryDallas.com.

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                  Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely try it! :)

              2. Since you've already filled your need, I'll move outside your specified area and suggest, if you're ever in the area, Nothing Bundt Cakes in Southlake, on Carroll, abutting the Square. They're a small national chain, but turn out some excellent, fresh and moist cakes. I haven't been in awhile, but as I remember, they have about 6 different flavors and 3 sizes.

                They were featured on FN's "Unwrapped" last night, which reminded me of them.

                One of the sizes is a (very large) * individual cake * - easily would serve 2, maybe 3, but I've been known to eat the whole of it! lol!! This size is also great if you're wanting to serve cake, but would like an assortment of flavors. They use a standard confectioner's drizzle, but for an additional chg, they'll deco it with non-edible ribbons and bows - it's really about the cake, not a lot of icing.

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                  You are right, CocoaNut! These cakes are terrific, especially the lemon. They have just opened another store at Preston and Royal in Preston Hollow. They make great housewarming gifts since they will wrap them!

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                    That's good to know about the Preston location. I've always wondered why someone hadn't opened a franchise in the N. Dallas corridor as I imagine they will have great success there. You're right about housewarming gifts as well as hostess gifts, etc. So many uses for the small ones!