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Mar 8, 2010 09:12 AM

Recipe Needed: "Coca Cola Chicken"

Had a Japanese roomate in college that used to make a stewed chicken dish made with coke, soy sauce, other stuff.

Usually it was legs, thighs slow cooked to be fall off the bone tender.
Great over rice or potatoes.

Anyone got a recipe?

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  1. There are probably as many recipes for "coca cola chicken" as there are bottles of coke in the coca cola plant warehouse.
    But here's a few, similar to what you describe, to get you started:

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    1. re: todao

      Interesting, I'd never heard of Coke in chicken recipes, but I've seen loads of ham cooked in Coke. It always sounded gross to me. Sounds interesting when paired with soy sauce.

      1. re: oakjoan

        The coca cola approach is pretty good, but you ain't seen nothin' 'till you make it with beer (similar recipe)

    2. when i lived in the middle east our maid used to make marinated chicken in 7up, and mixed iwth lime juice, smashed garlic , ginger and soy I think. Very tasty indeed. I imagine you could easily braise the chicken in this liquid, in the style of an adobo. Just try it and see!