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Mar 8, 2010 08:58 AM

Can I make ice cream with a vintage KitchenAid stand mixer?

I'm looking into buying a stand mixer, and I'm given to understand that the best ones for the price are the vintage models.

- Which of them should I get? Is there a guide to the various models somewhere?

- And, just as importantly, is it impossible to use the modern KitchenAid ice-cream maker attachment with a vintage mixer? Making ice cream is one of my primary requirements for my mixer.


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  1. As far as I know the aux drive on the front of KA stand mixers has not changed so any accessory should fit any mixer.

    As far as vintage being better it's a belief among some that the motors on the older mixers are better than the ones on the newer mixers. This is based on some posts that people who purchased newer models had motor failures. Unfortunately, information like this is not too scientific. For example, bad tolerances on the gear train could cause premature failure of the motor (overheating) but it would not be due to the motor.

    When buying almost anything used you have to consider how much of it's useful life is already used up vs. a new item which has not been used and is covered by a warranty.

    In my opinion the one to get is:

    1. The big question is what will you use the mixer for besides ice cream. KA uses what they call a Flower Power Rating that shows how much flour each mixer can handle. For example:

      Classic Series - 8 Cups
      Artisan - 9 Cups
      Commercial 5 Series - 11 Cup

      Also, according to one of the moderators on KitchenAid Conversations, the Ice Cream Attachement will not work with KA Mixers made before 1989:

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        Typed too quickly. I meant Flour Power Rating. Also, misspelled attachment.

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          Thanks for the link. I see it is not the accessory drive but the main drive that is the issue with pre-1989 models. Although it's hard to understand why KA could not have designed a ice cream blade that would fit both.

          I think people would probably buy a dedicated ice cream maker rather than a second KA mixer.