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WANTED! Indian Curry recommendation anyone?

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My Fiance's Birthday is coming up. He's really into Indian Curry.
Besides going all the way to the east side, any other choices that can be recommended.
If the place had a touch decor that would be a plus....thanks in advance!

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  1. If you want good food + decor, I'd recommend The Host on Prince Arthur. Other restaurants that have great food and a bit of ambiance are Banjara and Dhaba. No ambiance, but delicious - Nataraj. All are central/ downtown.
    If you wanted more modern - you could check out Amaya/ Bread Bar or Kama Sutra - both north of Downtown..

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      When is the last time you went to Nataraj? Hands down, this used to be my favourite Indian in the city but my SO and I got takeout a few months ago from there and it was beyond dreadful. The onion bajis were all raw onion because it had not been chopped properly and the dishes were badly spiced and greasy. There were different people behind the counter so we figure it's changed owners and have not been back since.

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        I haven't been for about 6 months - that is sad to hear! Maybe they had an off night - because their onion bahjis were my fave. Hmph.

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        Banjara is good as suggested (i'm there once a wk), as is Dhaba...
        Nataraj has went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay downhill i was there a month ago and thought it was no good, lacking flavor and overly greasy (and overpriced)
        Very few 'nice' indian spots i've seen, think mememe hit it on the head with The Host - also noticed a new once attached to the hotel on wellington that looks nice as well

      3. How about 259 host down at wellington?

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          Kamasutra Restaurant on Bayview. It's got it all: Great food, ambience, white tablecloths, fine beer and wine list, fair prices.


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            I highly recommend 259 Host. IMHO the decor is excellent - very modern - and the food is top notch - a bit more creative/modern/fusion than the other Host restaurants. I have been there about a dozen times and it is very consistent.

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              sweet, i'm gonna check it out, that's the one I meant above

          2. Im just posting as I keep looking around....How about Amaya???

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              I recommended it above. I've been to their 'Bread Bar' restaurant on Yonge north of Lawrence and I really enjoyed it. Haven't been to the Bayview location, however. It's more expensive than many other restos in town.

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                Kama Sutra has an awesome combo 2 people for $49: Appetizer platter, 2 meat curries, 1 veg curry, rice, naans.

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                  Second/third Amaya. Went there a year ago and enjoyed it very much. Don't know about it now.

              2. I stick to my tried and tested- Jaipur Grille in midtown and Little India in downtown.
                I prefer these two to Kamasutra, Natraj.Banjara, Host etc. Havent' been to Amaya.

                1. Kathmandu in downtown is also good.

                  1. Do you have a particular area in mind for dinner? A lot of Toronto's a la carte Indian restaurants are pretty generic, so location might help narrow down your choices. The best stuff is in Little India, parts of Scarborough and Brampton. If you're in the west end, a 20 minute trip to Brampton might actually be better than a 20 minute trip downtown for a fan of Indian food.

                    If you're looking for places with Naan/Butter chicken/ Tikka/Vindaloo on the menu, dinner at Mt Everest is one of the places I take people who want to try Indian cuisine (with some nice Nepalese items too), but who are a little intimidated by the Gerrard Bazaar. The Host on Prince Arthur, as has been mentioned, has pretty good food and a nicer look. Both are subway accessible with nearby parking. I'm not a big fan of Nataraj - I find a lot of their dishes are just blander/greasier versions of what I would cook at home.

                    Little India and Babur on Queen have pretty good lunches and decent dinners, but they can be a bit greasy (not always a bad thing for Indian comfort food). If it's a bigger group, you might want to reserve one of the upper floors, which is pretty convenient.

                    I feel that Dhaba is higher end than all of the above. It would make a great celebration dinner, since aside from good food, they offer a more "complete" restaurant experience, including a more novel menu.

                    If you live in the area, you might also consider 5th Elementt (spelled like that) on Bay. The dishes are mostly hybrids of Indian/European cuisine, and they have some incredible deals on prix fixe dinners. The challenge can be that it's very hit or miss. I've had some of my best and worst dining experiences there. Try to go on a weekend (when the head chef is managing the kitchen), and make sure that you specify to the server that you want your food very well spiced. If your fiance likes curries with multiple bold flavours, their default spice setting will be way too bland.

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                      Has Babur reopened? I thought they closed last year....
                      Both Banjara locations are good, and the one on Eglinton near Mt. Pleasant is fairly central.

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                        The one at Bloor and Christie actually has great ambience -- not because of the decor but the vibe is very good. It is packed with people young and old and there is a real buzz of energy in the room. Whenever I pick up an order, I always enjoy looking around.

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                        "The best stuff is in Little India......."
                        Can you be more specific? I would never recommend anywhere in Little India for Indian food - this has been discussed here before - all the restaurants there seem to use low cost ingredients and generic sauces to keep prices down and the result is everyone is doing the same things the same way - and it's all mediocre. The BBQ Hut gets a nod for decent chicken tikka and nan - but that's all I'd suggest, and certainly not worth a trp longer than walking distance.

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                          better off with banjara, the host, everest......there used to be Dehu Sahars Biryani house which was good...now runs a place called Debu's on mount pleasant, haven't tried it but his old place was superb...link below.


                      3. Hi Guys!

                        Thanx for all the recommendations!!
                        The drive isn't really an issue to us. The drive makes it more exciting sometimes. We used to always head over to little india on the east side. Although the price is a steal, the food does seem to be quite generic.
                        Personally for myself, Amaya, kamasutra and 259 all seems to attract me very. Dun think I can try all in one meal, but it will definately be on my TO TRY List.

                        I actually threw all the names that were suggested here to my SO and lets see what he suprises me with now...

                        Will report back ...

                        THANX everyone!!

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                          hi there, you might want to try The Bombay Palace in Brampton, its buffet style, and unlike other indian buffets, its quality food, not just quantity, but at the same time, you can try multiple items...

                        2. Babar, this place was fully renovated and is absolutely fantastic. The Host on Prince Arthur is #1 in my books. Babar is a close second. Both restaurants have a great relaxed atmosphere.

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