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Mar 8, 2010 06:58 AM

Your Favorite Place For Lunch - Chelsea or West Village

I'm meeting a friend for lunch in the city and I need a good spot, and I've been told to pick the restaurant. I rarely ever eat "nice" lunches in the city (it's usually grabbing a quick business lunch on the go, or else I'm out for a nice dinner). I have no clue where to eat, only a couple of neighborhoods where we like hanging out.

I'm not looking to spend more than $25-30 per person including beverages. I favor Italian, French new American. My friend is a big Asian fiend (particularly Indian and SE Asia), so we're pretty open to cuisine types.

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  1. For a weekday lunch in the West Village, I like to go to places that are typically mobbed for dinner, like Spotted Pig or Blue Ribbon Bakery.

    1. Spotted Pig
      Perry St
      Rocking Horse Cafe (check if still open for lunch)