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Mar 8, 2010 06:49 AM

Niagara-licious-anyone trying them

Has anyone gone to the weekend events in Niagara going on...?
Winterlicious in Niagara on the Lake looked interesting-all kinds of venues with the value type 3 course menu. I went last year and it was good-Zee's and Riverbend- wanted to try
somewhere else- Riverbend has been sold I hear, the chef has moved on and no one seems to know if Wyndym Farm will be on-site anymore growing the produce for the kitchen(although I hope they start selling to other restaurants again).
How about Treadwell's Farmalicious..? that looks interesting as well.
Any experiences to relate..?

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  1. Mentioned Treadwell's Farmalicious briefly here I'll try and post a full review soon.

    1. I went to Peller last weekend for this promotion. Definitely a good deal for $35. They were also offering a wine pairing for an additional $25. They had a 6 course tasting menu available as well.