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Mar 8, 2010 06:31 AM

Any more Marrakech info?

I just did a search and saw all of 3 posts on Marrakech, is that all there is in the last couple years? Below are some of the places that were mentioned. If you have any updates or comments for our trip in 2 weeks, I'd appreciate it. And do we really need to use bottled water to brush our teeth? Thanks.

Chez Rida: hole in the wall by Place Mokef, chicken
Dar Moha: ,; quiet,
Foundouk: ,;
Ksar Char Bagh: fancy, out of main part of town,
Le Sud:; (this site doesn't seem to work)
Le Tanjia: lively,

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  1. I haven't been to Marrakech since 2007 so I won't chime in for restaurants but, YES, I would say do use bottled water to brush your teeth and for drinking.

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      Thanks. And what did you like in 2007? Not a popular food place I guess.

    2. I am the one going next if you have any info to pass along after your trip...please do.....thanks

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        So I'm back from the trip and it was indeed "a trip". Had absolutely no stomach problems while in Mar. (that waited til Madrid oddly enough). It's so hard to figure out street signs that I gave up on trying to find places on my list that were in the old city. Our first evening we walked back from Mohammed V and back in the maze of streets, I got some fried bread from a woman at the side of the street by the market. We then ended up at booth 10 for the infamous lamb and sheep head/parts. I don't think I need to eat it again but it was fine, and their tea was awesome (I never drink tea). We then had even better tea at one of the booths specifically selling that and the cinnamony sweet thing they serve. We stopped at a non descript joint earlier for slightly overcooked but tasty bbq'ed chicken w/ spicy mustard sauce and good fries. We did that again at an even smaller joint where the chicken was better and my chicken sandwich was fine. Not what I wanted for a relaxing lunch tho. We did relax on the roof of Borj el Koutoubia on one of the main drags where I had a really nice ice cream dish w/ coffee and vanilla ice cream and coffee syrup. I had emailed our riad guy asking if I should make a reservation in advance for Al Fassia and he said it would be fine to wait til I got there but that was too late, so sadly we didn't eat there. We did eat around the corner at SBJ Café one afternoon and had what I think was a decent chicken/olive tajine while sitting outside after visiting the Jardins. The last nite it was back to the big market where we hit #1 for snails and #25 cuz #32 was too busy. I'm not sure if the quality is hugely different (had read that 32 was great for sausage and kebabs), our meal was okay but overpriced and nothing too exciting.

        Went out to an expensive dinner at Palais Jad Mahal, 3 big bars, very swanky. But we ate in such darkness we could barely see what we had. Friend got another chicken tajine which he loved, I got a lamb shoulder dish with potato that was good but 10 x more than what you pay elsewhere. All of a sudden tho it gets bright and dancers w/ candles balanced on their heads come out then the belly dancers. Quite a scene. As was Comptoire around the corner, this felt less stiff than Palais and they too had belly dancers/candle balancers. Mango martini and cosmo were good, everyone gives you olives or nuts there. Their menu was much more reasonable if you want to spring for a nice dinner out (and if you want to go anywhere in the Hotel la Mamounia, dress to the nines cuz we were denied, ha ha). Also stopped by Hivernage Hotel which had a pleasant bar area and outside patio, brought us tasty bread sticks and nuts with our beverages.

        We checked out bars along Mohammed V like Chesterfield Pub in Hotel Nassil, a dark quiet place with a nice outdoor patio by the little pool. One hot day we had Flag beer on the roof of Hotel Le Marrakech looking out over their beautiful pool (stick with Casablanca beer, much better). Sugar Bar (which bills itself as an English bar and has British flags but isn't particularly English) had a lame cover band but some good olives and chicken brochettes. We ended up around the corner at Africa Chic which was an odd place, friend thought there were nefarious activities going on there with all the "ladies". Who knows. It seemed to be a popular place and their band was better than the one at Sugar.

        So I don't know how helpful this is but at least it's a recent report.

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          Here are a few pics: belly dancing at Comptoire, sheep's head, various salads, tea stand. The latter three from the Djemaa el Fna market (I've seen that spelled a million different ways).

      2. Dar Moha is okay, the location is beautiful, the kemia (assortment of salads to start) impressive but I found the food just okay. I really like Le Tanjia, it isn't fancy the view from the roof is nice and the food was good. There is a place in Gueliz called Kechamara or something like that, it's a modern cafe but it is really good. Dar Marjana and Dar Yacout are the two old school famous traditional restaurants. That being said I would find a nice riad and have them arrange for home cooked meals which need to be ordered in advance. The food will be more authentic, cheaper, and frankly probably better. Also I like the street food in djama alfnaa, if it is good enough for the locals it is good enough for me. Alternatively I always brush my teeth with bottled water, better safe than sorry.