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Mar 8, 2010 06:27 AM

DC Italian for Sat. night, 25 year old's bithday.

We'll be in Washington for a few days and I need a rec for a very good Italian for my daughter's 25th birthday Sat. No more tha 75 to 85pp. It doesn't need to be fancy but she wants something more than casual. Any suggestions?

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  1. Dino, 1/2 block from the Cleveland Park Metro on the Red Line (10 minute ride from downtown) fits your request to a T.

    3435 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20008

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    1. I think Tosca would fit the price range too. You can get any of the pastas as a half portion, which is nice.

      You might also check out Siroc.

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        I'm in my mid-20s and I love both Dino and Tosca. I think Dino would be a better fit for this occasion. I'll never dispute Tosca's incredible menu but I don't see it as the kind of place to have a 25th birthday celebration --- lots of business dinners there, so suits and ties are prevalent and the atmosphere is stiff. Dino is colorful and lively, but that doesn't mean it lacks sophistication. The menu is creative, the food and wine is delicious, and they have great specials that will fit well within the $75 price range. It's also in a cute neighborhood, whereas Tosca is in the business district, so if you feel like taking a stroll around after dinner, Dino is also the better choice.

      2. I recommend Siroc on 15th St, NW. The food, wine and service are all lovely and so is the ambiance. I have been to both Tosca and Dino and I think that Siroc might better meet your daughter's request. Tosca is like dining in your corporate board room -- zero ambiance. Dino is perhaps more casual than she wants and the food is not as good as that at Siroc. Siroc has a European feel along with its excellent food. You could create an entire evening by taking her first for drinks at the POV Lounge on the top of the W Hotel -- incredible views of the city -- and then walking 2 blocks to Siroc.

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            Thanks for the timely responses and recs. My initial research had me leaning towards
            Dino but I wanted to hear from som DC people. So I made a reservation at Dino and am looking forward to it

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              If you're wine drinkers, don't miss out on asking for Dean (the owner) and letting him pick some wines for you. This is a world-class Italian wine list, and pretty reasonably priced.

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                I concur, except I'd make that VERY reasonably priced.

          2. I would recommend Dino's as well! My husband and I opted to order family style and were more than pleased with how satisfied the meal left us. The wine list is superb. The owner also came around to the tables asking how everyone's meal was. The ambiance is soft and warm... the perfect spot for your daughter's bday!

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              I also like Al Tiramisu in dupont.