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Meena's Kitchen in Nashua

I've been meaning to try this place with all the excellent reviews, has anyone been lately?

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    1. Here's a review of Meena's Kitchen from the Boston Globe. I was very taken with it.


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        "Meena’s shares the street with a tattoo and body piercing shop, a carpet store, and a Pentecostal storefront church."... They kind of poo-pooed the entire street, but that carpet store has an excellent reputation built on decades of business. The neighborhood is completely innocent and not the slightest bit "weird" as it's implied here.

      2. Meena's is wonderful! Great Vegetarian Indian. If you don't like it hot check w/the waitstaff as Meena does not adjust for american tastebuds but she is the real deal!

        1. Went after a long absence last night. It was gratifying to see the place busy. We were dining with some very specific eaters; a vegan and another with legume and nut allergies. The restaurant was very accommodating and well-informed about their choices. Food was amazing--we had a pineapple curry that was beyond delicious.

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            I made my 2nd visit there recently and again thoroughly enjoyed the 'buffet' (multi-course) dinner option. Last Sunday while having brunch next door at City Room we noticed Meena's looked busy, more so than I might have expected for Sunday at noon. I'm pleased they appear to be gaining a following, as I hope to keep Meena's in my regular rotation.

            City Room Cafe
            105 W Pearl St, Nashua, NH 03060

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              Glad to see Dave B's post dated a few days ago. I wanted to make the 3 hrs round trip based on reviews here, but wanted to check their website for hours, etc., and apparently it's not online. I called several times and there was no answer. I'd appreciate it if someone here would post what days and times they're open/closed. Thanks.

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                Hours of Operation

                Lunch Buffet
                Tues - Fri
                11:30am - 2:00pm

                Brunch Buffet
                Sat & Sun
                11:30am - 3:00pm

                Tue - Thurs & Sun
                5:30pm - 9:00pm

                Fri & Sat
                5:30pm - 10:00pm

                Monday Closed

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              I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Mina's is catching on with the locals. I ate there, twice, several months ago and thought the food fantastic, but I was disheartened that both times I visited, I could park directly in front of the restaurant, and that I was one of only seven people dining. Glad to hear the dining room is full. They deserve success.

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                They are certainly more interesting than Cafe India, across the street from them.
                We need to visit them again, we've been there once and wasn't as taken by them as the rest of you. (Of course we have to be careful with a young child in tow; that might have affected things because we had to make sure the meal went fast.)

            2. I had the lunch buffet there a couple of months ago and was not impressed. But given the generally positive response of others, I think I may give them another try.

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                Lunch Buffets are rarely the best that a restaurant has to offer. Most South Indian food is meant to made and eaten fresh (other that the fermenting of batters). Much of the spicing is fleeting and aromatic add at the last min.
                You should definitely try some dishes of the regular menu before making your final decision.

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                  chefj - Your impression of the "lunch buffet" at Meena's is incorrect. The "buffet" items are prepared fresh in the kitchen and brought to your table, course-by-course.

                  Please put all thoughts of the typical Indian self-serve buffet out of your mind - it doesn't apply in the case of Meena's "buffet." It's really a prix fixe menu that they happen to call buffet there.

              2. To those who are put off by vegetarian restaurants, do remember that the Indians have been doing it for about 5000 years, so they know who to do it right. No embarrassing tofu fake meats, just really good veggie dishes, so good you won't notice there is no meat.

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                  I concur. Normally I wouldn't give a "vegetarian restaurant" a moment's consideration, but the two times I've eaten at Meena's were wonderful. I'll keep going back.