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Mar 8, 2010 04:14 AM

Framingham/Natick restaurant recs??

I am moving to Framingham this week (less than 2 miles from the Natick Mall) but I'm really not familiar with the area other than Rt. 9. I prefer non-chain restaurants and of all types (great takeout, ethnic, high-end, diners, etc).
Thanks, Chows!

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  1. Right off the bat, I could eat at Sichaun Gourmet every day for the rest of my life and not get bored. They are right on Route 9 just past Sturgis Road. Casey's Diner in Natick has great, simple dogs and burgers. Haven't been in a while, but I love Corrado's subs in Natick (and they've been consistently great for years, so I'd find it hard to believe they've fallen off in quality). There's a Five Guys about to open on Route 9 by Building 19. There are tons of Brazilian places I have yet to explore that look really good. Gourmet Decisions (In Natick, I think?) has a great breakfast.

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      Shout out for Gourmet Decisions; they serve dinner on the weekends, and we tried them last night, with a $25 coupon from restaurants.com that I got for $2...Yikes, I'm embarrassed that we spent so little for such a nice meal.

      The dinner entrees were in the high teens to mid to upper 20's, but they seemed to be full plates, with veggies and sides...We were all set, then they recited the day's specials, which were actually cheaper; hasn't anyone told them they're supposed to gouge for specials? (g)..

      Anyway, the boneless shortribs in a red wine glaze called out to TC, and came with mashed potatoes (mmmm.) and roasted asparagus and carrots (lovely job on them, BTW)...My thick fillet of salmon was crusted with lovely potato slices, and resting on a bed of squash gnocci in a maple butter...KInd of an unusual combination, but it worked. The same asparagus and carrots, and they both came with very large, fresh, and wonderfully varied greens in their very lightly dressed house salads...Quite impressive.

      In fact, lightly dressed would describe all the food here, and in a good way. I didin't feel the way I often do, with reataurant food, that they were upping the taste and luxury quotient by adding more fat...It was just flavorful, seasonal ingredients that the chef knew enough to let do the job on their own..

      The room was cozy, slightly Italian looking, and has a fireplace, perfect on this cold and rainy night. White tableclothes make it more elegant than the Galleys are used to, but made TC happy. Fine par-baked bread (I wouldn't have guessed it I hadn't asked), and decently priced wine and beer...Late dinners may find their 9:00 closing a drawback.

      Waitstaff were friendly, helpful, and didn't skip a beat when we presented our coupon...We'll return.

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        Ran into 5 Guys for lunch today. Definitely a burger joint. Got a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Fries were ok, burger was ok, however, whatever they are using for cheese ruined the whole thing. I was under the impression it was suppose to be cheddar, but it was more like American (which I hate in anything but grilled cheese with tomato soup:-)
        Under 10.00 but I won't be going back. Guess I'm too old to enjoy noisy joints without beer and awesome burgers

      2. I don't get out that way often and can't help with restaurants, but you will have access to great bread from B & R.


        We walk from Back Bay to the North End to buy it. Here's a piece with a bit more background and links to other info.

        You'll have a great farmers market opening June 10th.


        And, when I was shopping with my Mother-in-law out in that area, I was impressed with Roche Brothers supermarkets.


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          And B&R is at the Natick Farmers Market, Saturdays 9-1. Also Chestnut Farms meat, a terrific fishmonger, Natick Community Organic Farm, Tangerini Farm, several other very nice produce spots, etc.

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            I've been frequenting the Farmers Market all summer! Definitely a treat! Especially since it's right down the street from me.

        2. Excellent! I really appreciate all of those and I'm really excited for the Farmers Market! I totally forgot about Five Guys opening up, I had heard that! Tried the one in Foxboro...really great.

          1. sichuan gourmet (sichuan)
            uncle cheung's (shanghainese)
            red pepper (sichuan)

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              Add to those Chinese favorites Eo Noodles, just a 1/2 mile or so past Trolley Sq. on Rt.9. A chowish kind of place, in a strip-mall,BYO, some taiwanese food, some Mongolian, and a few menu items from Cheng-Du, where the owner is from. Not strong on fish items, but there are enough for me, and the ChengDu style noodles and Yu Shiang items make up for it..
              Great cold dishes, even tho they are very few. We LOVE the cold tofu skin strips, and seaweed salad, different than any version I've ever had. more like sweet pickled veggies...

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                Wanted to say I ADORE EO Noodles, which we first tried thanks to a Galleygirl rec. The Chinese standards are great (loved the Yu Hsiang pork), as are the noodles. If they would hire someone to do delivery, I would be a very happy camper.

                EO Noodle
                1245 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA

            2. Oga on Route 9 in Natick for excelent Japanese. Sel de la terre in the Natick "Collection."

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                Oh yes - strongly second both, and well as B and R.

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                  Another enthusiastic vote for Oga's. Looks completely unimpressive from the outside, but it's a beautiful sushi restaurant, that I think is one of the best in the area.

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                    After being here almost a month, I FINALLY made it to Oga. I cannot thank you guys enough! The most fabulous sushi I've had since living in So. Cali. Thank you, thank you!!!