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Mar 8, 2010 03:46 AM

Need recipe - Crock Pot Chicken for a Crowd

Please help. I have to contribute a large main dish to a club pot luck lunch. Someone else is making lasagna. There was a suggestion for having an Italian theme but it was agreed that not everyone likes tomatoes. I have already purchased boneless chicken thighs and will make a chicken pot pie-like recipe to serve over rice if I can't come up with something better. Most of the slow cooker chicken recipes I have researched require canned soup. I'd prefer not to use canned soup but I'm wavering. I thought rice would help stretch the meal. Adding vegetables would also help stretch the meat.

Plan B would be to make a chicken dish at home using the oven or stove top and only use the crock pot to warm it up. There are no cooking facilities at our meeting location.

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  1. You have tons of options without lousy canned soups! Here's a website to start you off...she doesn't use ANY canned soups (pretty sure):
    There's a very nice Thai-flavored thighs recipe here on this board from janniecooks--that would be good over rice. If you think you might want the link, let me know; I've made it twice.

    1. How about a chicken cacciatore? Some tomatoes for sure but you could go easy on them; there are plenty of other flavorful elements in there. Otherwise, I second the Thai suggestion; going to make a coconut/galangal/chicken thingie in my own crockpot later this week1

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Def. try Chicken Cacciatore! It feeds a lot of people and is really easy. I make a simple tomato sauce/sofrito with lots of garlic, basil, oregano, green pepper, some whole tomatoes crushed up with my hands and salt/pepper/evoo. Slice up some portabellas and parsley toss in the slow cooker. Brown the chicken pieces on skin side and then toss in the crockpot. Add some white wine and let the slow cooker cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. dont let chicken cook a really long time in the slow cooker, because it will get a strange texture.

          1. here's a link to the thai-flavored chicken recipe, a favorite that is always well-received.