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Mar 7, 2010 10:28 PM

Kensington Riverside Inn

I know the chef has changed, any comments from anyone under the new regime?

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  1. Not sure when the chef changed, but we had a beautiful anniversary dinner there last September.

    1. Anyone been lately? I'm considering this and Rouge for the SO's birthday dinner Saturday or is there somewhere else i've forgotten?

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        1. re: sharonanne

          Service at Rush has been spotty (actually, mediocre to horrible) the times I've been there. Rouge...service was too friendly and almost condescending (you don't have to start every sentence with "In French dining..." then do things like explain what an amuse bouche is, but never actually use the term.... I've been to France, ate there...they acted like every customer was a newbie to fine dining.

          I'd go with Chefs Table (Kensington Riverside)- one of the best meals I've had in calgary

          1. re: Dan G

            Really? I much preferred the food at Rush. The service was similar at both.

            1. re: sharonanne

              I preferred the food at Rush over Rouge as well. The service also, even though there were a few hiccups and miscues with our service throughout the night. I like the room better too - it's more theatrical...

              Still, I think that the food at Rush is definitely at the top for fine dining in Calgary.

          2. re: sharonanne

            i've been hearing pretty underwhelming things about rush lately....

          3. re: pants

            +1 for Chef's Table.
            All the dinners I have had there have been great. And I think the room is much more intimate that either Rouge or Rush.

            You might also consider Muse - although I have not been there recenty.

            1. re: pants

              We've has stellar meals (higher-end, I mean) at Catch and at Alloy this summer.

              1. re: John Manzo

                we just ate at Catch a couple weeks ago - it was a nice meal but didn't justify the price. I found after finally dining upstairs that i prefer the bar.

                Alloy was a disappointment the last time we were there, poor service an the food wasn't quite as good as many previous visits. I'm glad to hear you had a good meal there, i'll put it on the list to try again.

              2. re: pants

                Chef's Table has always been good to me.

                Really also like Petite. Had a couple really good dinners the last few months, with a fantastic shrimp couscous salad, and a terrific lamb loin. Haven't tried their new summer menu yet - was there a couple Sunday's ago where they were offering a set menu.

                1. re: ybnormal

                  love Petite! but that was the birthday meal last year :)

              3. I was going to ask a similar question. My wife and I are going out for the anniversary this weekend. Last year we did the tasting menu (with wine pairing's) at Chef's Table and loved it. Would like to do a tasting menu again. We're not opposed to going back to the Chef's Table, but should we consider Rush instead? Any other places where the tasting menu makes for both great food and a great experience that I haven't thought of?


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                  I have a soft spot for The Ranche this time of year: it is so pretty out there right now. No tasting menu, but if you start off with the Charcuterie plate, then appetizers, main and dessert you will have more than enough to try.

                  I had a tasting menu at the River Cafe a while back - you may be able to arrange something if you call ahead. It was excellent, one of the best meals I have eaten in Calgary. And again, this time of year, if it's not raining, it will be beautiful there.