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Mar 7, 2010 10:17 PM

Pre-theatre/opera/etc dinner?

Hello, I have a fairly specific question. I am attending the opera fairly soon and as such I am looking for a place for a pre-opera dinner. This means that we'll be all dressed up in formal wear. I know that it is definitely more unusual to dress down than dress up in Nola to go out to eat, but I wanna make sure I'm not too out of place. What I'm looking for is something in the mid to low twenties in entree range, maybe in the CBD but doesn't have to be. I would say that Coquette (in uptown, I know) or Herbsaint would be a great example of something like what I'm looking for (with reasonable prices and diners that like to wear jackets), but I've already eaten at both of those places. Any help?

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  1. As an addendum, I've eaten at a ton of places, and kinda want to try a new place. So if my question was too specific, how about these places? yay or nay?

    Le Foret (price range?)
    Le Meritage
    Bistro Daisy
    Le Petit Grocery

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    1. re: Slimpyslim

      Le Foret (price range?) - haven't been.....going Saturday night
      Le Meritage - haven't been
      One - yay
      Bistro Daisy - yay
      Vizard's - haven't been
      Upperline - yay (but not a strong yay)
      Le Petit Grocery - yay....eating there this weekend as well
      Gautreau's - nay.....not a fan

      1. re: rubyslippersnola

        Yeah Iris is great, I've eaten there though and was wanting to try something new

        1. If you're looking for the latest in the CBD, it's Vicki Bailey's & Mike Fennelly's
          new place at the Lafayette Hotel. It is in the same space where they had
          Mike on the Avenue in the 80's. Would be a good "new" place to try. And if you just hate the menu you can cross the street to Herbsaint.....or walk down Poydras to Luke.

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          1. re: savory south

            Would recommend Vizards. Wasn't too thrilled by Upperline. LIke Patois and Lilette a lot as well

          2. I've been seen at Camellia Grill in a ballgown...I digress.
            if you don't mind the Fr. Qtr., head to Muriel's for their pre-theatre dinner, nice menu.

            if you go to Vizard's, get the roast chicken! sublime!