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Mar 7, 2010 08:16 PM

Dinner in Marin

Any suggestions on where to go for a nice dinner in Marin? I am taking some friends from out of town out next week and Marin is convenient for both of us. Some of the places I know are Fish in Sausalito - too uncomfortable for us. and I want to avoid Sausalito if possible. San Rafael would be great but only place I know is Sabor and we dont want to do tapas
Anyone been to Picco in Larkspur? I've heard very different views on it

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  1. You'll be comfortable at the Tavern at Lark Creek Inn -- great food, service and ambiance.

    1. I recently had a very nice meal at Marche Aux Fleurs in Ross. Here is a link to my review:

      Marche Aux Fleurs
      23 Ross Common, Ross, CA 94957

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        I second the Marche aux Fleurs suggestion. Lovely atmosphere, service always attentive, great wine suggestions. Food usually local. Dan and Holly Baker are dedicated to making the whole experience satisfying. My personal go-to place in Marin.

      2. Picco in Larkspur is a great restaurant. It is as good as anything in SF. Also, I would recommend Insalata in San Anselmo.

        1. If you want to avoid Sausalito because you think it's too touristy, Le Garage is populated by many locals and is my current favorite place in Marin for a casual-with-fine-food lunch or dinner. It is noisy at dinner (at least it was last Friday night) but in all other aspects I love the place. Here's a recent thread: