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Mar 7, 2010 06:14 PM

The Fireplace in Paramus

Would love to hear CH's take on this place. It's been around forever--I used to go there as a kid--but is is any good? What, if anything, would you recommend?

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  1. in all the years we drove past that place during my childhood, never once did we actually eat there! i can't wait to see what CHers have to say about it. i did manage to dig up a couple of old threads that claim they have great fried chicken, burgers & steak sandwiches...

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks...I figured there must have been prior threads about this place, but was hoping for some more specific info. I too drive past this place almost daily, and I'm sure my not-too discriminating kids would love it but was wondering if it was something special It's apparently been around for 53 yrs, so they must be doing something right!

    2. A resounding "fair". If you occasionally want a quick char-broiled burger. Hot dogs awful, fries pretty gruesome. Rest of the menu, forgettable.

      Basically, a place you don't want to go to more than a couple of times in a year.

      For a place of similar ilk with much better quality food, take a ride to Rte 46 west in Clifton to the Hearth.

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      1. re: menton1

        it's sort of like cafeteria food. good for little leaguers, but not for discerning adults.

        i should note that they no longer serve fried chicken. you'll have to go to popeye's up the road for that fix.

        1. re: tommy

          Although a NJ travelers landmark.....the Char broiled burgers aren't too bad...but .the rest of the menu is forgetable at best.

      2. Oh well...thanks for the feedback!

        1. burgers had a nice charbroiled taste, but were very rubbery !!

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          1. re: ellen4441

            the burgers are dreadful. as i suggested, they are cafeteria style. there's nothing exceptional about them, and if anyone thinks there is, i'd like to hear some other recommendations by those people so everyone has some perspective.

            great for 12 year olds. not good for discerning adults. or discerning children for that matter.

            1. re: tommy

              How dare thou smite the honor of The Fireplace! The BurgerLord takes umbridge at your uneducated opinion. Here's the breakdown of Northern NJ Burgers:
              White Manna- Fried on a flat grill-- instant penalty. Plus they're served on a potato bun- yuck!
              Bobby Flay-- decent but price prohibitive. Plus they don't let you put together your own burger.
              Five Guys- Not up to the hype. Again instant penalty because they're fried on a flat grill. They taste like they've been frozen at some point. Dried out.
              Iron Horse Grill-- They don't toast the bun! This is a no brainer that they lose a lot of points for. Also, they cheese in the middle is more a gimmick than anything. Meat is decent though.
              The Hearth-- Are you kidding me? They don't toast the bun either. Also meat tastes like it was frozen.
              Johnny and Hanges-- Burgers are dog food. Hot dogs are decent.
              Falls View Grill-- Basically a step up from Johnny and and Hanges...but not a big step.
              Fireplace- Close to Nirvana. You need to ask for the burger medium rare. They toast the bun. Meat is not frozen and doesn't taste dried out. Grilled on the spot for you. Add a few half sour pickles with some onion rings and vanilla shake. You can get a bigger burger at a bar but that's not the FP experience. FP is good food quick where as at a bar you have to wait 15 minutes for a burger.
              Green Martini, when was the last time you ate there?
              So sayeth The BurgerLord, let it be decreed!

              Iron Horse
              20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

          2. The onion rings are the only redeeming aspect of the Fireplace and even they're just OK. Most people that go there are probably just numb from the entire shopping experience that is Paramus so food is secondary to their quest for a better lawn mower at Home Depot

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            1. re: NJ food dude

              Or that the nearest restaurant is Applebee's!!