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Mar 7, 2010 06:13 PM

Big White Ski Resort

I am going to Big White in a few weeks. I am a rookie and was wondering if anyone had any good restaurant suggestions. I have looked online at the resort and don`t have big culinary expectations, but it would be good to have some tips. Thanks much.

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  1. Hi there,

    I was in Big White last year for Valentine's. We only ate out once over the course of the weekend, but it was a lovely dinner at Globe Cafe and Tapas bar. I specifically recall a dish with beets that was AMAZING! A bit pricey compared to what I'd pay in Vancouver, but that is par for the course up on the hill.


    PS: If your accommodations include a kitchen and you plan on cooking, bring your own groceries, as the mark up at the market is INSANE!

    1. We're heading to Big White in a couple of weeks. I've heard good things about Globe and the gun barrel coffee at Snowshoe Sam's. Anyone been to Big White lately?

      1. i assume you've checked urban spoon website

        if you go shopping in town as recommended - to cook up at your condo (if that's what you have) look for Ogopogo brand meat products at Natures Fare in Kelowna

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Thanks! We definitely will be doing some cooking at the condo so that's a great tip.

          There's some info there that will definitely help. The problem with urban spoon or yelp is you get a lot of cell phone reviews that focus on things that didn't go right or were irritating to them rather than the food. "They had the nerve to charge us a shared plate fee!"

          It's getting a bit more scare lately but always appreciated input on Chowhound since it's mostly experienced diners focused on the food. (That would know to look for a shared plate fee on the menu, which would make it a non issue.)

        2. if you feel like signing in to you can get some ultra-local recommendations from people who actually live and work (work?) in YLW

          keep in mind that for some of us, Spaghetti Factory is a new and exciting place to go - and Earls etc.

          in town, i always count on the food & service at the Delta - it's pleasantly predictable
          (ask for table overlooking the lake/lagoon


          also - there is this place on H33 (which is how you get to BWh)
          i haven't been there in ages - is it still there? i don't know - but maybe you can get some takeout. There are many Latinos in the Valley due to proximity to WA State and also on visas up here.

          also - if you are downtown near the Delta Hotel - stop by here to p/u some wines to take up the hill w/ you - this is a lovely old building ... the way Kelowna used to be

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          1. re: Georgia Strait

            Thanks very much! We will definitely try to check some of those out! Cheers

          2. Just an update for those heading up. (We loved the mountain so much we're heading back next week!)

            Gunbarrel was our favourite meal of the trip. The Gunbarrel coffee was fantastic. The food was also very good. Foodies would probable be disappointed, but it was perfect post, skiing comfort food.

            The Bullwheel was basic pub fare. We enjoyed our meal here but it wasn't anything spectacular. It hit the spot and we were happy.

            Cecil's Perogies was fantastic for lunch. It's a food truck that's located at the bottom of the Black Forest chair. Tasty and inexpensive.

            We cooked in our condo for the rest of the nights. Globe was closed or partially closed because of a power issue. We plan to check out 6 Degrees on this trip too.

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            1. re: abigllama

              On this most recent trip, 6 Degrees was the winner. Solid farm to table bistro food at a decent price point. Really nice wine list too.