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Mar 7, 2010 06:11 PM

3 Nights in LA. Where to eat?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. As an avid reader of KevinEats and Refined Palate I feel like i've become well educated in the LA dining scene. With that being said I might have a chance to spend 4 days out there and of course our goal is simple - To eat as much as our little (well i'm not so little..) bodies can take...

The only restaurant I am absolutely dying to go to is The Bazaar, other than that i'm open to all sorts of suggestions.

Church & State is right up my alley, as is Bouchon (Dining at the one in Yountville). Others of interest are The Dining Room, Hatfield's, Melisse, Mozza, Providence.

Sushi would be wonderful, Urasawa obviously seems to be the best, however I'm not able to do a $200-400 per person dinner.

My girlfriend and I are both serious foodies and are looking for memorable experience, whether it's a taco truck, dim sum, or a Michelin starred restaurant. I love french cuisine, chinese, dim sum, sushi, modern, you name it, we eat it.

Any and all help is much appreciated!!

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  1. Where are you coming from (and by inference, what sort of food do you wish to avoid)?
    Will you have a car?
    Where will you be staying?
    Is there anything you don't like?
    What's your budget?
    Is there any sort of food you've never tried?

    1. Just did the TM at the Dining Room this weekend -- GO!!!! It was great. A couple of weeks we did the 10yr Anniv TM at Melisse and well, I think they should give the Dining Room one of their stars -- I don't particularly like the feel of the room which is just so dated and hotel-ish but a few bites into the meal and you will forget all about it!! As for the rest of your list - haven't been to the new Hatfield's but hear only good things and Providence is always a treat. Reviews of the BH Bouchon have been mixed and personally, it doesn't excite me but I think if you are eating at this level - the cost of Urasawa isn't really that much different when all is said and done and the experience is so worth it that I would even give up one of the dinners out to be able to afford the luxury of Urasawa - which will be a dinner that will haunt you for a looong, looong time. Personally, I am very eager to try the new Bar210 in the old Trader Vic's location -- and I'm looking forward to hear what Kevineats has to say about it! ;)
      Have a great trip!!!

      1. I would definitely go to Animal.

        For a taco truck, I'd hit up El Chato or Taco Zone.

        For French, I like Anisette.

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        1. re: mdpilam

          Second Animal.

          For good with a GREAT view, hit up the Penthouse at the Huntley. Best view on the westside.

          Brunch at Anisette is great, too.

          1. re: Phurstluv

            View at the Penthouse - great
            Food at the Penthouse - not so great

          2. re: mdpilam

            El Chato is a great suggestion for a Taco Truck. El Chato is located at the southwest corner of Olympic Blvd and La Brea at night (starting aroung 7-8 pm).

          3. Firstly, I'll third the recs for Animal. I also agree to skip Bouchon, as our trip there last month was underwhelming.

            Of your picks, I'd say if you decide on Melisse (a worthy option), opt for the tasting menu. And every meal I've had at Providence has been wonderful, food and service.

            I agree with Phurstluv that Huntley's Penthouse has a lovely view, but I've never had particularly stellar food here. Maybe I'd consider stopping here for a drink, but I wouldn't waste my gastonomic space and money on the food.

            if you have a car, head to SGV for dim sum.. plenty o' recs on here if you search it.

            if you like Mexican, try Mariscos Chente for seafood. and for Oaxacan, try Monte Alban.

            for sushi, Urasawa rocks, but there are other great options for less money. Sushi Zo, Kiriko, Asanebo, Sushi Gen, Mori Sushi...

            places i also recommend... Wilshire in West LA (esp on the patio), Griddle Cafe (for decadent breakfasts), Shamshiri for Persian, Javan for Persian, Jitlada for Southern Thai, to name a few... my recs would/will vary once knowing from whence you hail....

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              If you are going to the Huntley, you might rent the old flick "Point Blank" and watch what fun Lee Marvin has in the predecessor establishment. Might give you something to chat about over cocktails.

            2. Definitely Mozza. It's fun, the pizzas are great and the room has a good energy, plus you can pop in at an off hour without a reservation (say 3:00 p.m.) and then can have a late dinner at another one of your destinations so as to get in as many L.A. food experiences as possible.