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Mar 7, 2010 06:09 PM

Patchogue-Medford Trip Report

Spent a few days in the Patchogue-Medford area. I've visited a couple times because of family and was determined to find something I liked this time.

Del Fiore- Trip started out promising. Del Fiore's pizza is the bomb! A deep dish pizza without all the "too much to eat" taste. Our "Meatalicious" was stacked with a lot of meat but what I loved was the crust. Perfectly light and crispy but held up very well to the weight of the meat. Next time I come back I'm trying the Brooklyn slice.

Mangia Mangia- special night out with family and this place managed to almost ruin it. The food was horrible. Service seemed to be rushing us. I believe the same owners own Del Fiore's and I can say they should stick to pizza. We ordered five things and all but one missed the mark. My wife ordered the Pollo Griglia.. Chicken Breast with pignoli nuts and zucchini- how could they mess that up? It looked and tasted like Chinese take out Kung Pao. Chicken was horrible. Chicken Scarpariello was bland at best. My filet was okay only if I dunked it in the portabello sauce. Its a bad sign if I need fancy A1 sauce to make my meal okay. The Rigatoni Vodka & Chicken went over okay though...

La Marghertia- Family Italian place... not as fancy as Mangia Mangia but still okay for a family dinner. The pizza got high marks from people in our party. Veal Scaloppine was tender and tough at the same time. I did enjoy about half of it. Eggplant Parmigiana didn't go over better than "mothers" but thats setting a high standard believe me! and the Chicken Francese was given good marks but still a little on the bland side. Wait staff was overly friendly and useful I liked them a lot though some in our party were put off by it. I would go back again because the brick oven pizza did look really tasty. Tirimisu was only okay.

Yogi's All American Grill & Sports Bar- This was inside the crown plaza we were staying in. It might be a sports bar but their Eggplant Rollatini was the best Italian food we had the entire trip. I don't know if it was the long trip but we got it late due to some confusion and ate it work forks out of a Styrofoam carton in our hotel room and it tasted delicious. Unfortunately the grilled chicken alfredo and tri-color cheese tortellini was boring. Hot wings sucked pretty bad but the fried ravioli and beer was a good choice.

T.J. Hero Shop II- Got a Foot Long Long Island to go. Thin slices of roast pork with melted mozzarella and brown gravy slathered over a toasted garlic bread. Tasty and something I've never had before. pork was great but the gravy was missing something. Still pretty good.

We didn't make it to pera-bells or bobbique but we will try next time.

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  1. The brick-oven pizzas at La Margherita are delicious, as are the regular pizzas and heros. We haven't had as much luck with the dinners.

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    1. re: Lono37

      I agree the pizzas looked great. I really wanted to try the artichoke one.

    2. You should put Chachama Grill on your short list, I waited too long to try them out myself.

      1. Mangia Mangia is indeed owned by the same person that owns Delfiore. They also own Muchachos Mexican Grill which is closed for renovation. I've heard repeated complaints about Mangia Mangia's service, but everything else they own is good.

        As far as pizza goes, I haven't really cared for La Margherita much since Cafe Gia in the S&S shopping center opened. Delfiore is really good.

        TJ's is indeed good and I especially like their Louisiana Lightning (cajun chicken hero with lettuce, tomato, onion and a spicy thousand island sauce they call Stealth).

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        1. re: RoleModel

          no trust me that food was not tasty. and yes they did rush us!

          1. re: bumpthekoala

            I didn't mean Mangia Mangia was good. I meant Delfiore and Muchachos were good.

        2. My parents live in East Patchogue and have never taken us to any of these places. I like the Oar ( for seafood although I have not been in a couple of years. The patchogue brewery is also good. And there is a greek place in dowtown Patchogue which I liked.