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Mar 7, 2010 05:04 PM

Authentic Poppyseed (or nut) Babka within driving distance of Fairfield County?

Ok, here's a thread I have never seen. Where can I get authentic, fresh, yummy poppyseed (or nut) babka like my Babka (grandma) used to make?

Here's where I've tried:

Best so far - Shoprite in Ansonia brings some in from NJ - this is the best! Fresh, soft, full of poppyseeds. They also offer many other babkas - prune, jellies, cheese, nut.

Derby church next door - Polish deli/restaurant is a runner up to the above. All flavors available too.

Polish deli on River Road in Shelton just north of Sikorsky - hit or miss. They bring in babkas from a couple bakeries and it's a crapshoot.

Kasia Bakery, New Britain - supposedly one of the 2 best bakeries in that town. Line literally out the door. Pastries beautiful - wish we had such a bakery (patisserie really) in lower Fairfield County. Straight out of Europe. Babka though - just ok.

Taste of Europe, Norwalk - what they usually have is unfresh and days old. You can special order, but it's never that great.

So, any suggestions?

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  1. Authentic can be pretty hard to find and it really depends on what your definition is. My family will buy poppyseed and nut rolls at a couple of places in the Fairfield area. Adam's Bakery on Tunxis Hill Road and Billy's Bakery on Black Rock Turnpike have them but they are not the same as my family makes from scratch. Also the Hungarian Meat Market (also called Goulash) on Kings highway across from St. Emery's Church has them. Jay

    1. Forgot to add, I think the meat place across from Treeland in Bridgeport has them too. Jay

      1. Give Beldotti's in Stamford a call and see if they have. Jfood bought a chocolate babka there a few years ago that was outstanding. Even if you drive there and they do not have the babka, there breads are top-3 in FFD county.

        1. stew leonards has a good poppyseed babka, its to the right of their doughnuts display

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          1. re: missmar79

            for real? Do you know if they make there or bring it in from elsewhere?

            Those places mentioned in Fairfield excluding Billy's (which is nice for "normal" bread) sound like good leads.


            1. re: MasterofLightChick

              jfood has never been impressed with SL baked goods. Look and smell yummy in the store then fall when eaten at home.

              cant wait for your feedback

              1. re: jfood

                Am I missing something - what is SL?

                An aside. Not poppyseed babka, per se, but poppyseed roll rocks at the New York Bakery down in the Norwalk Wall Street area. They also sell them at Katz's in Westport. I went like 3 times this week to the prior and it's filled will old timers talking and having fun. A nice atmosphere.

                1. re: MasterofLightChick

                  SL = Stew Leonards.

                  I'm a big fan for some things @ SL, but bakery items is most certainly NOT a reason I go there. I find their breads quite poor. BUT, I haven't tried their Babka. Actually, I've never tried Babka before anywhere. In fact, I've never even heard of babka until I saw this thread and Googled it.

                  I learn something new every day.

                  1. re: adamclyde

                    Even trade.

                    we teach you Jewish, you teach us Latin :-))

                    A great babka with a great cup of coffee is a perfect way to finish a bagel and lox sunday morning

                    1. re: jfood


                      speaking of bagels (and not trying to hijack thread) you have a favorite place in Stamford or thereabouts?

                      1. re: adamclyde


                        Jfood probably feels about bagels as you feel about some Latin food in FFD Cty. You look for the best you can find, but it ain't great. Best jfood can offer is Liz Su at Bulls Head in the same strip mall as Coalhouse pizza (go there as well, very good) There's a new Indian place that Louuuuu recommended as well in the same mall as well.

                        If you are in the new canaan area (which is a freakin' bagel wasteland) drive up route 123 and 1.5 miles on the left in Vista is Word of Mouth. Same strip mall as Greenwich Produce. Their smoked salmon ain;t bad either. Plus greenwich produce has very good stuff.

                        That's the total landscape, pretty dismal

                        1. re: jfood

                          Indian meaning Chili Chicken? I've been there a number of times (I live within a stone's throw). Really like it, depending on the dish.

                          I have been to Liz Su and thought there were pretty good bagels. Good to know. (and oh how I miss Greenwich produce actually being in Greenwich)...

                          1. re: adamclyde

                            The GP in Vista is twice the size as the old Greenwich location. It will be interesting to see how Fairway does. If it is Stew leonard qualty, then jfood will not be there. Likewise Whole Foods in Darien has some potential but they need to justify the cost for jfood to move from the Greenwich Produce in Vista standard.

                  2. re: MasterofLightChick

                    Is the NY Bakery on Main good?

                    When you go there go up the road to Nicholas Roberts. The guy with the gotee is Robert (father was Nicholas) and this guy can cook. In a strip mall, opposite side of the road just before you get to route 1. Then you need to try Michael's a few doors down from NY Bakery. Also aces.

                  3. re: jfood

                    i disagree. their snowball rolls are fabulous- my family from LI asks for them at every meal. I freeze them immediately- then reheat 30 seconds in the microwave and 5 minutes at 325 degrees in the oven- perfection dipped in olive oil.

                    Also I enjoy their while grain bagels and the Dads Chocolate Chip Cookies.

                    They also make a fine poppyseed babka.

                    1. re: missmar79

                      Yup, that's why threads on SL get so heated. People either love or not love their stuff.

                      One for and one against. :-))

                      1. re: jfood

                        oh, I'm against - so you've got 2 anti. I abhor going anywhere near there.

              2. There is a brand new (to me at least) Polish deli/bakery/grocery store in Norwalk across from Angela Mia - called POLISH DELICATESSAN. It is quite large with a nice hot lunch buffet offering all the typical Polish dishes. They had a fairly substantial bakery section too though I could tell the poppyseed babka was not up to my standards - it looked too dry. Regardless, it's a nice addition to the area to get Polish staples and to grab a simple homemade inexpensive lunch.

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                1. re: MasterofLightChick

                  When I think of babka, I think of a round, cake-like ring, and I'm not sure I've seen a poppy seed babka.

                  If you mean a strip, like a stuffed bread with poppy seeds in and on top, the one at Eddy's Bake Shop in Ansonia has gotten raves from both my co-workers and family, and me of course. It's loaded with poppy seeds (or nuts when applicable); the bread is definitely bread-like versus cake-like but it's nicely moist.

                  They make their own stuff, it's not brought in; and everything I've had from there, sweet and savory, has been delicious.

                  1. re: harrie

                    Yes, I mean the strip - stuffed with poppy seeds, or nuts, or prune filling, or cheese and sometimes cherry.

                    Awesome about the Eddy's recommendation - thanks! Are there any other little finds in Ansonia?

                    Also close to you - the Shop Rite gets really nice babkas & other Polish goodies delivered on Tuesday morning from a place in NJ. Tell your co-workers to check those out. I drive from Westport to pick them up on that day. That particular store has a really nice bakery/dessert section.

                    Shop Rite
                    1990 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902