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May 13, 2005 02:38 PM

Where to buy flat iron steak?

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I'd like to try a recipe I saw on TV with flatiron steak and spice butter, but I'm not sure which market would have it -- I'm in Silver Lake and usually go to Gelson's, Ralph's, Bristol Farms in South Pasadena or Whole Foods in Glendale.

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  1. The only place where I have seen them was a butcher shop in the west valley called Jims. I dont know the address # is but it is on Fallbrook. Actually they have "kobe" flat irons (grown in Idaho?) and they are amazing.

    1. Flat iron steaks are cut from the shoulder clod. How's Markets has USDA Prime shoulder clod roasts on sale this week for $2.99 per pound. You can have the butcher cut the flat iron steaks from these roasts. The remainder of the roast can be ground for burgers or meatballs, or cut into chunks for stews. I have had the butcher at the Granada Hills How's do this for me. It is an excellent value. You will likely wind up with better beef for a better price than Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, etc. Good luck and please let us know how the recipe turns out!

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        I always wondered about that shoulder clod roast, which they seem to have on sale frequently. And for that matter, I've never figured out (nor has anyone I've asked known) what a "flat iron" steak actually is. I've never seen it on that know-your-beef diagram.

        I've found the butchers at HOWS (San Marino/Pasadena for me) to be very helpful, always willing to cut or trim whatever you need.

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          It seems like flat iron steaks did not receive much attention until a few years ago when (from what I've read) the National Cattlemen's Beef Association began promoting it. This lack of marketing is probably the reason it has been absent from the "know your beef" diagrams. For more on flat iron steaks, see the below link.

          I used to have the How's butchers cut the flat iron steaks from the shoulder clod roasts for me. (You're right -- How's butchers are very helpful.) They now sell pre-cut flat irons, although the price per pound is significantly higher than the shoulder clod roasts. The flat irons are nice steaks that come from a surprisingly inexpensive cut of beef -- no wonder they've gained so much popularity in restaurants in recent years!


      2. i wouls suggest a local butcher shop, there aren
        't too many around anymore, but maybe even a in bverlywood find a kosher butcher. or bristol farms, because i know they hav prime meat.

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          Most of the meat at Bristol Farms is Choice. How's actually has more Prime meat, and at MUCH better prices.

        2. I bought a flat iron steak the other week from the guy who sells at the Hollywood Blvd end of the Hollywood Farmer's market and will definitely be buying more meat from him this summer- it was very flavorful.

          1. Ralphs is featuring Flat Iron Steaks for $3.99/ its ad this week (12/05/07-12/11/07).

            The following link is Will Owen's review Of Ralphs Flat Iron Steak:


            As I mentioned in that thread, go to a Ralphs Fresh Fare (they carry USDA Choice Beef) and try the Flap Meat Steaks.

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            1. re: Norm Man

              As many of us will have discovered, the flat-irons at Ralphs are now up to almost $5 a pound, still a bargain in my book. I note that Norm Man objected to Ralphs' steaks because they're of the Select grade, but I don't regard this as a deal-breaker when you're talking about a cut such as this one. This remains one of my favorite items for a quick grilled meal; about two weeks ago, when I got some of the season's first good tomatoes from the Farmer's Market, I made a small salade de tomates from four of them, with some olive oil, salt & pepper and a splash of vinegar, and had just that and the steak. I'm still grinning about how good that was, and effortless.

              1. re: Will Owen

                Will Owen, the packages of Flat Iron Steak at Ralphs now indicate that they are USDA Choice. Bought some when the Flat Iron Steaks went on sale at $4.449/lb (regular price now $5.99/lb). Great steaks -- very tender and flavorful. Went back and stocked up my freezer.

                Great call, Will Owen!

                1. re: Norm Man

                  THe regular price for Flat Iron Steak at Ralphs is now $6.99/lb but when they can't sell it and the Best Buy Date is near, Ralphs will discount the Flat Iron Steaks by 40% to around $4.20/lb.