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Mar 7, 2010 04:51 PM

Need suggestions for Casual Restaurant/Bar to celebrate my 25th birthday!

I want to find a location for my 25th birthday!! I thought of the Publican. The last time that my boyfriend and I were there we had a great time but are there any other locations that fit the bill? We are looking to invite about 10 of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday with good food and drinks somewhere in the city that is close to public transportation and has parking somewhere nearby. I also thought of the Hopleaf but heard that it gets crowded and does not take reservations. The Gage unfortunately does not offer great parking options! Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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  1. There are hundreds of places all over the city that meet what you've asked for. What location would be most convenient? What price range are you looking for? Specific types of food you'd like to consider? Fancy, casual, loud, spicy, etc. Help narrow things down so we can give you recommendations.

    P.S. There are parking garages throughout the neighborhoods comprising downtown Chicago, including the huge underground Grant Park garage right across the street from the Gage. I've found great parking information, including actual accurate prices, at the website at

    1. I am happy to give you some recommendations but a little more guidance would be helpful. What is your price range? Are you looking to have dinner with some drinks or drinks with some dinner? What type of scene are you looking for?