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Wok in SEA? Also Meyer lemons.

I think I'd like to pick up a small simple steel wok. I saw them in SF last week for under $15 but didn't want to lug a wok on the plane. Any specific suggestions for somewhere in town to pick up something similar?

Anyone seeing Meyer lemons in stores right now? they come and go, and now I know I should have bought some in SF where they were right off the tree.

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  1. PCC has Meyer Lemons, or at least did last week when I was in there. I believe Ballard Market has them also. You can always just call ahead to any store to see if they have them.

    1. Costco has Meyer lemons right now.

      1. Uwijamaya in the International District has a bunch of Woks, though some of the name-brands run quite expensive. I'm sure many of the stores down in that area have a good selection of cheaper woks. Be wary of woks that are pre-coated/seasoned. You may not want this.

        1. all the ranch 99 stores carry small, inexpensive woks - get the heavy carbon steel and season it like cast iron; buying lightweight metal or stainless steel makes for uneven heating and non-stick is a huge mistake for something that works best at high temperatures

          meyer lemons are available at several stalls in pike place market

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            Ranch 99, awesome.

            Found Meyers at Central Mkt, thanks to all for help!

          2. QFC also has meyer lemons.

            1. There is a sort of Asian kitchen supply store at like...maynard? or so on Jackson, on the North side of the street. The sign above it says "Pacific Range Hood" or something to that effect, but the store is mostly Chinese cooking supplies.

              1. Trader Joe's carries Meyer Lemons this time of year - usually 3-4 per shrink-wrapped package. I purchase them every year and they are of excellent quality.

                1. As an alternative Amazon Fresh currently has Meyer Lemons. They are not inexpensive, but I have always been pleased with the quality of the goods from this service.

                  1. Costco has had a large pack of Meyer Lemons for the past few weeks.

                    1. Dong Vinh Asian restaurant supply has a huge selection of woks. They have them from 14" up to about 36". It is off of 1st Ave, on Hanford. it is right around the corner from Dick's Restaurant Supply (which is right on 1st and easier to see). They have about every kind of Asian cooking implement.

                      I would second the person who said get a carbon steel wok and season it yourself.