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Mar 7, 2010 04:14 PM

Demeyere Atlantis Wear and Tear

This is for anyone who has used the Demeyere Atlantis sauce or saucier pans. How much wear is visible on the inside of your pans? Are there a lot of scuff marks or scratches?

The reason I ask is I have the Cusinart original Multiclad pans which have a high gloss chrome finish on the interior. After 7 years of use, they look pretty worn on the inside from doing a lot of whisking and stirring. I wondered if a higher end pan would be any better in terms of not showing the marks from whisks and spoons as much.


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  1. I actually have both.

    The Demeyere clad sauciers only show minor scratching, which seems to disappear when scrubbed, when I use metal utensils. They really don't wear much, and I use my conical sauteuse possibly more than any other pot. You can use a green scrubber sponge, or even (others will hate for more this) Brillo. It shines right up. Not to worry.

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      What size saucier do you have, RGC? I have the smallest one but want the largest as well... it works so well.

      1. re: tzakiel

        I have the largest one, which I think may be about four quarts. My only complaint about it, as this may be my favorite pot for every day use, is that when it is full, it is very heavy to handle. It really needs a little "helper handle" opposite the main handle. You should check because they may have added it to the new models. Mine is about four years old. If I have to pick it up to scoop out food or pour the contents, I often find myself holding it a bit oddly.

        1. re: RGC1982

          From all the photos I've seen from online Demeyere suppliers I don't think they've added a helper handle to the saucier pans yet.
          Would you speculate it's the silvinox finish that helps reduce scuff and wear marks on the inside of the pans?

          1. re: Seitan

            It's a really tough finish and it cleans up really well. I suppose it probably is the finish, but I can't say for sure.

            If you are stronger than I am, you will not have any trouble lifting a large full pot. I can do it, but it is a little awkward.

            1. re: RGC1982

              RGC1982 do you often use a lid on this pot? I bought both the 3.5qt sauteuse and the 5.5qt saucepot and they can share the lid. I don’t see a huge reason to own a second lid as a piece of foil will act as a temporary lid if ever both these pots are on the go at the same time. But seeing you have so much use for it, I’m curious to find out.
              Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had an additional sauteuse in a smaller size? Or does it work sufficiently to only have it ¼ full if you are making a small reduction?

              1. re: snax

                I am bumping this thread in the hopes that RGC will answer! I want this perspective, too.

    2. I have no significant marks on the interior of any of my Atlantis pieces, as bar keeper seems to clean them all out. I do have some minor marks on the bottoms, but they are also diminished with a bit of polishing. I adore the pieces I have so far and am contemplating a pilgrimage to Brussels to finish out my set in person. (Okay...I have an active fantasy life, what can I say?)