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Mar 7, 2010 04:08 PM

no SHIO ramen at Yakudori Ramen for two more weeks

I tried to order the shio ramen yesterday, but apparently the salt that they use for it is on order from Japan and won't be here for another couple of weeks. Very disappointed, but glad to know that it will be back. Just thought I would give a head's up. The takoyaki was fantastic though. Crisp crust, tender interior, flavorful as all hell!

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  1. I tried to order the Shio last Monday, but they were out, I was traumatized!....;> I am loving this place.

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    1. re: Dagney

      Do either of you know what type of salt is used for the Shio broth? It good to hear other menu items (i.e. Takoyaki) are getting better.

      1. re: stevuchan

        I've got my guesses, but it's only a guess. (We'll all have to keep in mind that for them it's a Himitsu [secret] ingredient, and a very important one at that...)

        It'll be tough to wait; they're Shio is incredible and is my fave!

        BTW anyone been there past midnight? I've heard various reports that they don't always stay open until 3 am. Last night I made a trip down there at 10:30 pm, only to see that they were shut down.

        1. re: cgfan

          I tried to pin them down about exact hours but the waitress just smiled, shrugged and said it's not up to her. Their phone number is programmed into my phone so I can call ahead. Still haven't tried to fabled shio.... the suspense is killing me.

    2. I look forward to trying the Shio ramen. Their other broths are pretty decent.

      1. Just had dinner at Yakyudori. Still out of the Shio....

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        1. re: Dagney

          I suspect this may be heresy to even think about but....can you get the ramen to go or is it just dine-in?

          1. re: keena

            IIRC, when we went there the menu (or a sign) says the egg doesn't come with some ramen when it's "to-go" so they must be fine with to-go orders ... though I'd miss the egg.

            1. re: The Office Goat

              Absolutely... that egg was defining for all future ramen experiences for me. Perfectly soft yolk, seasoned white. I wasn't even interested in the pork after that.

        2. Just returned from a visit to Yakyudori, and word is that it still looks to be up to 10 days out. I can't wait; their Shio is so incredibly good!

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          1. re: cgfan

            They've also changed the menu a bit - both shio and miso are up $0.50 to $7 and $7.50 respectively. Chashu ramen is off the menu and is replaced with spicy miso, also at $7.50, which looks like it has similar toppings to the Nagoya ramen. (And they now have relative spiciness indicators with Nagoya at 2 peppers, and Spicy-miso at 1)

            The overall layout of the menu has improved a bit, and I think a few sides might have been added.

          2. Went to dinner last night, no Shio but oddly enough they have the "Spicy Shio."

            I found it a good time to try the Miso, which we were very happy with (I found the spicy shio to be fantastic). I just wish they'd get the damn skewers going!

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            1. re: MrKrispy

              I saw that too but didn't find it that odd. Given how "naked" the straight Shio is I'm sure they're still holding out for making it rock with their secret ingredient, whereas such subtleties will be lost in a spicy version.

              I'm expecting that just as Yakitori Yakyudori has specialized particularly in a Shio vs. Tare (salt vs. sauce) Yakitori, their Shio Ramen will likely be the center of their Ramen efforts.

              Can't wait. The interesting thing is that apparently the ingredient has already arrived in Los Angeles and is just waiting on their distributor to justify sending a delivery down to San Diego.

              Yakitori Yakyudori
              3739 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103