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Mar 7, 2010 03:35 PM

Corned Beef Hash in Westchester

I've been hankering for a good corned beef hash recently. I've gone to two places recently on suggestions. First, I'll mention The Horseman. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't special. My eggs were overcooked so they weren't quite as sunny as I like my sunny-side up. The homefries were also uninspired. The other place was The Patio, which was better than the Horseman. The over-all quality of the eggs, homefries and hash was better. My question to you other chowhounders is, where do you get your corned beef hash?

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  1. City Limits Diner--the only place in Westchester I know of where the hash is NOT outof a can.

    1. I know that it isn't in Westchester, but McKinney and Doyle Fine Foods Cafe in Pawling makes their own corned beef hash, served in a cast iron skillet, and topped with 2 eggs any way you like and bakery fresh bread (they have a bakery adjoining). Its a ride but if you're ever in the area I would definitely check it out. Delish!