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Mar 7, 2010 03:22 PM

Buying fresh shrimp in Steveston, eggs attached?

We bought some shrimp in Steveston this weekend, and we were suprised to find lots with eggs attached.

I've never seen this before. Anyone know anything about it? I assume the shrimp are safe to eat, but I was also surprised they could be harvested during what seems to be a breeding season.

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  1. I did this llast year. They are just the roe. Pain to clean is all.

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    1. re: repartee

      You bought 'fresh' Shrimp or frozen that had just been thawed?

      I wasn't aware of any active winter fishery for local Shrimp but have seen/bought Humpback Shrimp on the dock in Vancouver lately.

      Anyway the Roe is delicious when fresh and there's little conservation concern Shrimp stocks are plentiful.

      By law Spot Prawns must be released by commercial prawners but not sport boats.

    2. Fresh roe !! oohh yaaa!!! separate those tasty mamas and into a hot pan they go wiyh some butter, garlic, some chopped flat leaf parsley s&p and the slightest splash of vino bianco.
      Good to go---- a little messy sucking out all that roe but well worth the effort!!

      Pass the napkins!!!