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Mar 7, 2010 02:57 PM

Good places to eat out with the 1eat discount card for a London student?

fellow students

I have recently (a few months back) bought the 1eat card (

I am interested in cheap (below £20) and big portions, because I love to eat in zone 1.

I ate in many places before, but looking to try some new restaurants, but recently because of shortage of time do not really want to risk bad surprises.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Just did a quick browse, and a few places on the 1eat list caught my eye. All are places I've been to before:

    Rincon Quiteno - Holloway - not in zone 1, but portions are pretty big. I thought the main meat meals were good, but not great - but pretty representative of what you'd find in the average restaurant in Ecuador. The ceviche was fantastic though.

    Chilli Cool - Bloomsbury - Looks like your card gives you a 10% discount. I thought the Sichuan food here was pretty good.

    Ravi Shankar and Diwana - Two places on Drummond St....there might have been some others too. Both of these places are pretty decent, good value for £, and even better value w/ the discount card.

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Thanks a lot Dave for this quick answer :-)

      I think I will try the Ecuadorian one, this would be something really new for me, although quite a hike from my place.

      Will let you know how I liked the other places later on. I hope to check the places this week.

    2. Hey!!

      1eat is ABSOLUTELY GREAT, I love it and use it frequently. The 1eat card is always in my wallet and whenever I see a sticker on the door, I know I get a good deal just by presenting my card.

      SWAY restaurant near Holborn is great - 50% off there, and the steaks are delicious.

      I also like TIGER TIGER - mainstream, but very popular place and the 50% makes it a great deal - very great interior and they have a bar/club, too!

      Also, Chicago Rib Shack restaurant - Princess diane used to dine there. 20% off with 1eat card and the ribs are mouth watering! the cocktails are great - 2 for 1 during lunch time I believe.

      Really happpy with the 1eat membership, I highly recommend!