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Mar 7, 2010 02:55 PM

Another corned beef post -- alternative cuts?

Hi all,

I'm dying to try corning my own beef, and time is running out if I'm going to do it in time for St. Paddy's Day. I'm not a member of Costco or any similar warehouse-type places, and I've never seen brisket at any of the six closest grocery stores to me; there's also a painful lack of "real" butcher shops in my vicinity.

So. From what I've gathered, both from general knowledge and reading previous posts on the topic, the only alternative ever given for brisket is round... and even then, round is a poor substitute. I can't imagine trying to use round... strikes me as one of the leanest and least interesting cuts, somehow.

Could I get away with a boneless blade? I see those around fairly often. Would that be my best bet? The other braising-type cut that I often see around here is cross rib... but that seems leanish too.

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  1. looks like Aussies prefer Silverside or bottom round for their corned meat cut.

    I'd ask a meat cutter at your local grocer for advice. The older guys know their way around a carcass and can give you good tips on just baout any meat cooking method.

    The marbleing and whole-muscle makeup of brisket seems ideal for slicing and flavor, but maybe they have a few thricks up their sleeves. If you decide on brisket, they should be happy to order it for you. If not, try another store. My meat cutters here will get just about anything with enough advance notice.

    1. The Super WalMarts in Tampa usually sell whole mostly untrimmed, briskets fairly cheap...

      1. I got my brisket from our local grocery store.

        1. If you have a Smart&Final Wholesale store near you,They have Beef Brisket, untrimmed packed in cryovac... Also check wholesale meat business in yellow pages...

          Local Cosco and Sam Club's have a non-member 1 day try see if you like their products and services... Good luck...