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Mar 7, 2010 02:09 PM

Harrison NY

How is the little Salumeria place ? What sdo they have? What is good and prices pleace do they have homemade bread too? What else is good in Harrison, went to Pizza 2000 and was not impressed at all considering I grew up in the area and the Pizza wa Great then, The Crepe place looked cute but expensive. Thank you.

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  1. We really enjoy Trattoria Vivolo on Halstead Ave. in Harrison. The food is very good, it's reasonable and the wait staff and owner are all very friendly.

    1. Halstead Ave Bistro is decent.

      1. You are probably thinking of Casa D'italia, the Italian deli across from Dunkin Donuts. They make wonderful sandwiches at lunchtime. They will press them on the panini press to heat, if you prefer. The prices are good, freshly made sandwich on a roll is about $6 or $7. I don't think the bread is baked there.

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          Really? Passed there many times, never went in. Sounds like it's worth trying.

          Oh, and for donuts, do NOT go to Dunkin, go to the breakfast place a few doors away from Casa D'italia, for good donuts and coffee. There's also a very good, albeit expensive, pastry place, heading west on Halstead.

          Don't forget the sushi places in Harrison, nbermas.

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            I am a fan of Rue de Crepes, the crepe place on Halstead Ave. I did not think they were too expensive. The crepes are a nice size and come with a side salad. I ate there with my two kids, we all had a shared appetizer, a crepe platter for each, beverages and a shared dessert for about $45.

            Trinity is also decent, casual American dining.

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Dim Sum, thanks for mentioning the crepe place. Went for lunch today with a girlfriend, and we both enjoyed the food very much. The french fries were deadly and the crepes were very well done. Our waitress was a complete ditz but at least she had the wherewithal to ask us (twice!) to confirm our order. Both times she had it wrong. When did paper and pencil go out of fashion when writing down meal orders? But really, it was a faboo lunch and I appreciate the rec. Thanks again.

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                sorry for the dupe entry - chow is being difficult.

              2. re: anonymouse1935

                if the pastry place you're referring to was ccg pastries its been closed for a few years. great baked goods but the partners hated each other. another bakery that was a branch of an arthur ave bakery also failed in that space a few months ago.

                the tiny unadorned japanese place moomiji is pretty good. they do a fantastic fried soft shell crab in season. its on halstead near casa d'italia.

                also gus's franklin park tap is a real throwback and serves fresh well prepared seafood. don't miss the gus's salad with onions and gorgonzola.

                anthony's the sports bar on harrison ave next to the old theater is drawing big crowds into a space that has housed failure after failure after failure. probably worth a try!

                1. re: biga290

                  Yes, CCG Pastries did have excellent French baked goods.

                  The Italian place is gone already too?? Wow.

                  I've passed by Anthony's, and they advertise a happy hour. Sounds like it's worth a try.

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    CCG once made me a cake inscription worthy of Cake Wrecks. Good cake, but clearly not really listening to the client's description of what they want. I'm not surprised they went out of business.

            2. amici's just down the street from casa d'italia also makes very good sandwiches/ wedges and panini at lunch time, no place to sit but very good. pizza 2000 is probably about as good as it gets. sofia's may be as good, but the last few times it was not, should at least give it a shot though and decide for yourself, definitely not bad at least

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              1. re: rich51

                amici's, which is the old roman holiday, is a very good neighborhood deli. casa d'italia, on the other hand, imho is a destination westchester deli. sandwiches and sides are creative and composed with great house made ingredients. you will find young energetic owners and staff that understand good food. try the huskie special!!

                1. re: biga290

                  Casa does a very nice job, the extra time to Cosmo and Alex in Mamaroneck is worth it however. Best restaurant is Emilio's. Upscale but very reasonable and fresh. Pasta is homemade on premises daily Comfortable , they do a great job. Agree on Gus's as a throwback with best basic fish around as well as a few very good German dishes.

                  1. re: stu

                    No one mentions the best sushi place on the block in Hajime?? the tiny Japanese place closer to Gus's is also neat but odd in that it seats a total of 7 people at a time. CCG made the best cakes in the area. The brothers that owned it did hate one another and closed in mid-day out of the blue. The baking brother was very creative and did stick to his artistic and culinary opinions so it does not surprise me that he may not have listened to the guests all the time. Not great for most things but they did use great ingredients at least.

                    1. re: cubanat

                      I did, only I couldn't remember either of their names. They're both good.

                      stu, I like Emilio's but it gets some undeserved negative press here. You are correct, they do a great job.

                      CCG did have some outstanding pastries. It was the talk of the town for awhile, how they left just like that, with all their equipment in the store. How sad.