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Mar 7, 2010 01:51 PM

Looking for Chinese Noodle Soups-MetroWest

We are looking for great Chinese Noodle Soups in the MetroWest Area. We really like EONoodle in Framingham, MA, but are wondering if there are any others worth trying.
Thanks in advance for you responses.

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  1. Green Tea had a great sechuan beef noodle soup. You could go to the one in Newton, or try Red Pepper's or Sichuan Gourmet's version

    1. is there a difference between chinese and vietnamese noodle soup?? i am guessing that there is not much. If i am correct, you should know THAT: I think Le's Vietnamese noodle soup at the Atrium is the very best. it's one of three in a chain; allston and cambridge are the other locations.

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        They're not the same at all. You will also find noodle soups in Japanese, Thai and Malaysian cuisines, but each has its own unique take.