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Mar 7, 2010 01:21 PM

Looking for New Haven Restaurant

I'm spending the night in New Haven on Thursday (3/11) and looking for a restuarant. New Haven has so much to offer that I don't know where to start. I am (obviously) from Ledyard, and my preference are Olio (Groton), Bravo Bravo or Azu (Mystic), Dog Watch Cafe (Stonington), River Tavern (Chester)....any suggestions?

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  1. Two words. FRANK PEPE. Enjoy!

    1. Try Basta http://bastatrattoria.com/
      or Thali Too http://www.thalitoo.com/
      or Modern Pizza, which has recently supplanted Frank Pepe's as the pizza of choice in our family.

      1. It sounds like you enjoy Italian food. Assuming you don't want pizza, I suggest L'Orcio on State Street: http://www.lorcio.com. It's very good food and a lovely atmosphere that's in the city but maybe more laid back than some places.

        If you want fancier, white-tablecloth dining in the Little Italy neighborhood of Wooster St., I recommend Consiglio's, http://www.consiglios.com.

        1. Skappo or Basta Tratorria are small and a little different from the rest. I concur with them or l'Orcio.
          While I don't know Consiglio's (what's the matter with me?), Tre Scalini is my go-to white tablecloth place on Wooster Street.