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Mar 7, 2010 12:57 PM

Canmore update?

I NEVER get out for dinner (2 kids, no babysitter) but have managed to plan a night away next week for my husband's birthday. We are spending a night in Canmore and I am looking for a great place for dinner and a good breakfast joint. Dinner has to be good, but not super 'fancy' as my husband isn't into tiny portions with strange sauces that look pretty - he likes straightforward food done well. I had read about some great breakfast options in Canmore but can't find the post anymore, and what I did find was an old post saying the little bakery (whose name I have already forgotten) was for sale. It appears some of the old favorites are under new ownership now, based on a previous post, so I'm looking for recommendations based on recent visits, if possible. Thanks for your help! Since I rarely get to go out, I can't afford not to eat well!!

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  1. i've been to quarry twice for lunch in the last 3 weeks and both times the food was very nice. I read on another post that the owners are relatively new and i have no experience with the restaurant previously but i would go back for dinner - their meat and cheese boards are lovely and don't expect city board portions, the portions are quite large (a nice surprise).

    i've recently changed my mind about crazyweed as well, the first time i went it seems overpriced and not great but we tried again about a month ago and now the wine prices are much more appropriate and the food was great!

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      Thanks, Pants. I would like to try Crazyweed because I have heard and read so much about it, but the reviews over the last few months appeared mixed so I wasn't sure whether or not to risk it. Have you had the pizzas there?
      As for Quarry, I tried to check their menus but they don't have any on their website. Is it all chacuterie-style dining or are there traditional mains? The few pics of it look cool, trendy - which of the two places would you say is more romantic?
      Thanks again!

      1. re: emsmom

        i'm not a fan of crazyweed. their menu is very predictable and looks like it was taken directly from the atmosphere is also really "fake"... a bunch of soccer moms sitting in a room with cheap, homemade art, listening to passe, 10-year old downtempo lounge music while eating their lamburgers with chutney.... i dunno, just not my thing at all.

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          i think at night quarry would be more romantic -crazy weed is pretty minimal.
          the lunch menu changed yesterday from the last time we were there - this was 1/2 brunch and 1/2 lunch - i had a burger the SO had a pasta - no chacuterie offered this time - the time before there was the meat, the cheese, daily sandwiches and that was it. i would think they would have more traditional entries.

          i did have the pizza at crazyweed - blue cheese and pear, it was very tasty.

          i wonder if anyone can speak about trough? the photos looked nice in the magazine...

          1. re: pants

            there is also zona's, which i highly recommend.

            1. re: nonlinear

              Hi nonlinear,
              Thanks for your feedback. Have you been to Zona's lately? I thought I read in past posts that they used to be good but then they got really bad... I think we'll pass on Crazyweed, based on your description and the fact that I don't think there is too much on the menu my husband would be thrilled with. Seems kind of far to go for a pizza (and we'll probably stop at il centro on our way out of town anyway).
              Any suggestions for good breakfast spot? Either the traditional eggs and bacon kind of place or a good bakery with croissants, pain au chocolat, etc?

              1. re: emsmom

                I LOVE Summit cafe. It is great eggcentric cafe. It is order at the counter. The place is where all the locals go. They have a great patio with a fabulous view. This place is very typical mountain cafe, not high end, no pretentiousness.

                I also really enjoyed Crazyweed the 2 times I have been there (one lunch one dinner). I think the minimalist dinning room is appropriate, and the views are stunning (from small windows). I would not call it romantic.

                I have been to Zona's numerous times but preferred it before the renovations.

                I thought that I had heard or read that The Trough closed down. There website is up and running, so perhaps I was mistaken. I have not been here but the reviews have been incredible.

                I enjoy the Quarry more for breakfast than for dinner.

                Sage Bistro is another option and would fit the romantic criteria a lot more. I have only been once, enjoyed it other than our service, but you can forgive that at least once.

                Check out Communitea or The Coffee Mine for bakery goods.

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  re:crazyweed, i think you're thinking of the old location cause the new location has massive floor to ceiling windows on three sides...

                  1. re: matlock

                    just my memory. it is the new location I am referring to. There are small windows that perfectly frame the mountains.

                2. re: emsmom

                  i had one terrible experience at Zona's, but I've been back several times and things have been excellent.

                  i still do, however, much prefer Zona's old layout and decor. i really don't like the log cabin feel. but whatever, the food is outstanding IMO. (the one time we had a terrible experience is just because the waitress ignored us for like 20 minutes - not even offering to bring drinks).

                  1. re: emsmom

                    Craig's is good for a bacon and eggs breakfast. there is also a crissoant bakery, but they are closed every time i attempt to go.

                    1. re: nonlinear

                      We've had a couple of great lunches at Crazyweed this past little while. I still miss the old location. Though the new one is bigger and better and it's easier to get reservations, it seems cold and impersonable to me.

          2. I like Chez Francois in Canmore if you like Eggs Benedict. Very yummy.

            Nonlinear: I find it offensive that you use "soccer moms" as a descriptor to explain why a place is bad. I'm fine with your opinion of a place but I don't thing being derogatory against groups of people are needed (and yes I am a mom but no my kid doesn't play soccer). It seems to be the last bastion of people you can make fun of b/c racist remarks or remarks about how people look are unacceptable but make fun of moms....completely fine.

            *stepping off my soapbox*

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              Loved the Trough. Both the food and service were excellent during my last visit, but I haven't been in about 10 months. Not sure if things have changed since then though.

              Regarding the soccer moms - my kids do play soccer and I have eaten at Crazyweed (sometimes it was good, other times so so) so perhaps I am the offending party - though I would have been there with my husband each time so I would suggest that soccer dads are equally offensive when judging the food at a restaurant ;)

            2. Thanks for the suggestions. I will get my husband to have a look at the websites and make a choice - I would be happy at any of the restaurants recommended!