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Mar 7, 2010 12:49 PM

Where can I buy Venison in New York City?

Hoping to try making Venison in the coming week. Where can I purchase the meat in the area to make something tasty in my kitchen?

Also, tips for cooking the Venison are welcomed.

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  1. Staubitz on Court has it or can get it quickly. I'd ask Paisanos as well. Venison is best braised or stewed. Its not a fatty meat, needs a slow cook. Usually unless you are buying -premium- venison pieces, like a tenderloin, you are getting tougher meat. A long slow braise works wonders. If I remember correctly, braising with berries and red wine is a good combo. IF you are lucky to get venison steaks, pan frying works. Usually my budget only affords me the braising variety.

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      I second STAUBITZ. I have gotten Venison there the last few years, and it has been wonderful.

      Use a recipe! The meat should be marinated overnight, and cooked over very low flame for a long time. Red wine OR Junipoer Berries, not both!

    2. You might also try Ottomanelli and Sons in Woodside. If they don't have it, they probably can get it for you quickly.

      Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meat Shop & Wild Game
      6105 Woodside Ave
      Woodside, NY 11377
      (718) 651-5544