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Mar 7, 2010 12:43 PM

Quick Rec for Sunday Night in downtown Richmond

Last minute dinner with some out of town work guests for tonight. My go-to places are closed on Sunday (Comfort, Lulu's and a few others I checked, and Black Sheep closes too early on Sunday). Looking for good food, moderate pricing (like Comfort or Lulu's) in the Slip or Bottom preferably, but will consider other options close to Broad street......

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  1. I'm too late, but we enjoy dinner at Millie's on Sunday night. Or Edo's Squid.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      We ate at Tarrant's last night and it was absolutely perfect! I had scallops with parmesan basil risotto, boyfriend had manicotti, then we split the bread pudding! Go!

    2. Thanks for your responses, Janet and Rachel . I didn't remember Tarrants, and I wish I did. Millie's was too expensive, and Edo's would have been good, had I thought of it. We ended up at Legend - I know, not a food favorite place. But my work friends were from Scotland, and wanted a good beer. It worked out very well, there was a very good blue grass band, and everyone liked the beer a lot.